How to Edit Bitmoji on Iphone

To edit your Bitmoji on an iPhone, first open the app and tap the settings gear icon in the top right corner. On the next page, select ‘Edit My Avatar’ and make any changes you want to your avatar’s clothing, facial features, hairstyle or accessories. When you’re done editing, tap ‘Save & Exit’.

You can also customize your Bitmoji by changing its pose or expression from this same menu. After making all of your desired edits to your avatar, hit save and exit to go back to the home screen where you can share it with friends!

  • Open the Bitmoji app on your iPhone
  • This is a free app that can be found in the App Store and allows you to create custom emojis of yourself
  • Tap the “Edit Bitmoji” option at the bottom of the screen
  • This will open up a new page with options for editing your avatar, such as hairstyles, clothing, accessories, glasses, hats and more
  • Select any of these categories to make changes to your avatar from there or use the “Randomize” button located near the top right corner of each category’s page if you want some randomness added into it! 4
  • Once you have finished making changes to your avatar select “Done” located at the top right corner of each category’s page and then press “Save Changes”
  • Your new edited Bitmoji should now appear in all its glory within seconds!

How to Change Your Bitmoji on Iphone Messages

Changing your Bitmoji on iPhone Messages is a simple task that can be completed in just a few steps. First, open the Messages app and select the conversation thread you want to update with your new avatar. Next, tap on the App Store icon located at the bottom of your screen and search for “Bitmoji.”

Once you’ve found it, click “Get” and then allow permissions when prompted. Lastly, log into your Bitmoji account using either Snapchat or an email address associated with Bitmoji. Now that you’re logged in, choose whatever avatar suits you best – there are plenty to choose from!

How to Edit Bitmoji on Snapchat

Editing your Bitmoji on Snapchat is easy and fun! Just open the app, tap on your profile icon in the top left corner of the home page, select ‘Edit Bitmoji’ from the drop-down menu that appears. From here you can customize everything from hairstyles to clothes to accessories.

Once you’ve finished editing your Bitmoji, just hit save and voila – a new avatar is ready for use across all of Snapchat’s features!

Bitmoji App

Bitmoji is a mobile app that allows users to create personalized emojis based on their own likeness. It was created by the company Bitstrips in 2014 and acquired by Snapchat in 2016. The app features an extensive library of stickers and GIFs, allowing users to express themselves more creatively when texting friends or family.

With its growing popularity, Bitmoji has become one of the most popular emoji apps available today.

How to Change Your Bitmoji on Text Messages

Changing your Bitmoji on text messages is a simple process. All you need to do is open the message and click on the avatar icon located at the top of the screen. From there, you can select from many different options for customizing your Bitmoji, including skin tone, hairstyle, facial features and clothing.

Once you have chosen an image that fits with your personality or style, save it and it will be set as your avatar in all of your future texts!

How to Edit Bitmoji on Android

Editing your Bitmoji on an Android device is a breeze. Simply open the Bitmoji app, select the avatar you want to edit, and click ‘Edit’. From there you can adjust any of your avatar’s features, including hairstyle, skin tone, clothing and accessories.

You can also switch between different styles of avatars as well as change backgrounds for your character if desired. Once you are finished editing, just hit ‘Save’ and your new look will be ready to go!

How to Edit Bitmoji on Iphone


How Do I Edit My Bitmoji?

Editing your Bitmoji can be a fun and creative way to express yourself. Bitmojis are customizable cartoon avatars that you create to represent yourself in conversations, on social media, or anywhere else you want to use them. Editing your Bitmoji is easy; all you need is a computer and the official app from

In the app, you’ll find an ever-growing selection of clothing items, body parts, hairstyles and accessories to choose from so that your avatar looks just like you (or how you’d like it look). You can also customize its facial expressions or add speech bubbles with text for extra personalization. Once your avatar is complete, don’t forget to save it for future use!

With these simple steps, anyone can edit their own unique and personalized Bitmoji in no time at all!

Where is the Bitmoji on Settings on Iphone?

If you’re an iPhone user who loves to use Bitmoji, then you might be wondering where the Bitmoji settings are located on your device. The answer is quite simple – they can be found in the Settings app! To access them, first tap on the Settings icon which looks like a grey gear wheel and is usually located on your home screen or in one of your folders.

Then scroll down until you find ‘Bitmoji’ listed as an option and click it. This will take you to a page that displays all of your current settings for Bitmoji, including account information, notification preferences, privacy options and more. From here you can easily customize how your Bitmojis appear by changing their appearance or adding new ones from the library.

Remember to check back regularly as new updates may add additional options for customizing your experience with this fun messaging feature!

How to Change iPhone Memoji (tutorial)


Editing your Bitmoji on an iPhone is a great way to express yourself in a fun and creative way. With the help of this guide, you have all the information you need to create the perfect avatar for yourself or someone else. Whether it’s editing facial features or changing outfits, using Bitmoji is an easy and entertaining way to customize your look.

So put your creativity to work and start customizing!

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