How to Email Scanned Documents on Iphone

To email a scanned document on an iPhone, first open the Notes app. Select the ‘+’ sign to create a new note and then select Scan Documents. Position your document in front of your camera so that it fits inside the frame, then press the shutter button on the screen or volume buttons on either side of your phone.

Your document will be automatically saved as a PDF file which you can easily share via Email. To do this, tap on Share icon at the bottom left corner of your screen and select Mail from list of options given there. Enter recipient’s address in “To” field and add any message if needed before sending it by tapping Send option located at top right corner of your screen.

  • Open the Notes app on your iPhone and select the document you want to scan
  • Tap the share icon in the bottom left corner of your screen, which looks like a square with an arrow pointing up out of it
  • Select the “Mail” option from the list of sharing options that appears on your screen
  • Enter recipient’s email address in “To” field, add subject and message body if needed and tap “Send” button located at upper right hand corner of your screen to send scanned documents via mail on iPhone device

How to Send Scanned Documents from Iphone Notes to Email

Sending scanned documents from an iPhone’s Notes app to an email address is a simple task. To start, open the Notes app on your phone and select the document you want to send. Tap the share icon at the top of the screen and choose Mail from among your options.

Type in or select a recipient, compose your message if necessary, then hit Send. Your document will be sent as a high-quality PDF attachment along with your message.

Iphone Email Scan Document Not Working

If you’re having trouble getting your iPhone to scan documents, don’t worry – it may just be a simple problem that can easily be fixed. First, make sure that your device is running the latest version of iOS and has enough storage space for the document. You should also check if your email account has been configured properly within the Mail app.

If all else fails, try restarting your phone or deleting and reinstalling the mail app altogether. With these tips in mind, hopefully you’ll have no trouble scanning documents on your iPhone!

How to Email Scanned Documents from Notes on Ipad

Emailing scanned documents from the Notes app on iPad is simple and easy. To begin, open the Notes app and select or create a note that contains your desired document. Then, tap the Share button at the top right of your screen to bring up options for sharing this file.

Select Mail in order to email it as an attachment, then enter in your recipient’s email address and a message if desired. When you are finished composing your email, simply hit Send! Your recipient will receive the scanned document attached to their inbox shortly afterwards.

How to Add an Attachment to an Email on Iphone

Adding an attachment to an email on your iPhone is easy. All you need to do is open the Mail app and create a new message, then tap the paperclip icon at the bottom of the screen. From there, you can select any file from your device’s storage or take a photo using your camera.

Once you’ve chosen the file for your attachment, simply hit “Send” and off it goes!

How to Attach a Photo to an Email

Sending a photo in an email is simple and can be done with just a few clicks. To attach a photo to an email you’ll need the file saved on your computer or device, and then use the “Attach” feature of your email service. Once you have selected your desired file from its folder location, it will appear as an attachment at the bottom of your message before sending.

Make sure that any photos sent are correctly formatted for emails so they don’t take too long to send or get blocked by spam filters.

How to Email Scanned Documents on Iphone


How Do I Send a Scanned Document from My Iphone to an Email?

If you have a document that needs to be sent quickly, you can use your iPhone to scan and then send it via email. To do this, first open the Notes app on your iPhone. Tap the plus sign in the upper right corner of the screen and select Scan Documents from the options available.

Place your document face down onto a flat surface and hold it steady while using your camera to take a photo of it; ensure all four corners are visible before tapping Done in the top-right corner of the screen. Once finished scanning, tap Save or Add To Existing Note at bottom left if you wish for it to be stored within Notes for later reference. Next, tap Send via Mail icon at bottom right which will bring up an email template with your scanned document already attached – simply enter required details such as subject line and recipient address before selecting Send!

Your scanned document should now be ready for viewing by its intended recipient(s).

Why Can’T I Email a Scan from My Iphone?

It can be frustrating when you’re trying to email a scan from your iPhone but nothing seems to work. Unfortunately, iPhones don’t come with any built-in scanning tools or software, so sending scans via email isn’t possible without downloading an app. The good news is that there are plenty of free and paid scanning apps available on the App Store which allow you to quickly and easily scan documents right from your phone.

Once you have installed one of these apps, simply open it up and take a picture of whatever document you want to scan. From there, most apps will allow you to crop the image (if necessary), enhance it for better clarity, then save or share it as desired – including by emailing it directly from your iPhone!

How Do I Send a Scan Document to My Email?

Sending a scan document to your email is an easy process. First, you need to connect the scanner to your computer. Once connected, open the scanning software that came with your machine or download an appropriate program if yours didn’t come with one.

You can then select the type of file you want to create—such as a PDF or JPEG—and any other settings such as resolution and color depth. When everything is set up, click on “Scan” and wait for it to finish processing before saving it. Finally, once saved, attach the scanned document in an email message window and enter the recipient’s address in order for them to receive it!

Make sure that you double check all information before sending so there are no mistakes in delivery. Following these steps should help ensure that your scan document reaches its intended destination quickly and without any issues!

How Do I Scan a Document And Email It As a Pdf on Iphone?

Scanning documents and sending them as PDF on an iPhone is actually quite easy. You don’t need any special equipment or software – all you need to do is use the camera app that comes with your phone. To begin, open up the camera app, point it at the document you’d like to scan and take a photo of it.

Once taken, select the photo from your photos gallery and press ‘Edit’ in order to crop away anything unnecessary from around the edges (such as a table or desk). When done editing, select ‘Share’ in order to export this image as a PDF file – now simply follow any instructions given by your email provider when attaching files and send! That’s all there is too it: scanning documents into PDFs on an iPhone has never been easier.

Why Can’T I Email a Scanned Document?

Emailing a scanned document can be tricky, as many email services have size limits on attachments. Additionally, some types of documents may not be allowed to be emailed due to the risk of them being intercepted and read by unauthorized parties. Scanning a document also creates an image file that is not always compatible with other programs or devices; this means that if you try to open it on another device or program, it may appear distorted and unreadable.

The best way to ensure your scanned document looks good when viewed by someone else is to convert it into a PDF before sending via email – this will maintain the original formatting and make sure the recipient can open and view it properly.

Where Do Scanned Documents Go on Iphone?

Scanned documents on an iPhone can be saved to a few different places. They can be stored directly in the Files app, which allows you to store and access your files from any Apple device. You can also save scanned documents to cloud storage services like iCloud Drive or Dropbox, where they will remain available even if you switch devices.

If you’d prefer not to use cloud storage, scanned documents can also be saved directly onto your phone by using third-party apps like Adobe Scan or Microsoft Office Lens. Once the document has been scanned, it is automatically converted into a PDF file and stored within the app of your choice for easy access at any time. With these options for saving scanned documents on an iPhone, users have all the tools necessary to securely manage their digital files!

Use your iPhone (Notes app) to Scan and Email documents


In conclusion, emailing scanned documents from an iPhone is a great way to quickly send important documentation. With the help of third-party apps such as Adobe Scan and Tiny Scanner, users can easily scan documents with their iPhones and have them sent in no time. After following these steps, you should now feel comfortable using your iPhone to scan and email documents!

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