How to Find Deleted Files on Iphone

To find deleted files on an iPhone, first open the “Settings” app. Then select “General” and scroll down to “iPhone Storage.” Tap it to open the storage usage page which will display all of your installed apps in order from highest memory usage to lowest.

Select any app that you would like to check for deleted files and select “Documents & Data.” This will show a list of recently accessed data stored by that particular application as well as any saved documents or images. If you don’t see what you are looking for here, try accessing iCloud Drive (if enabled) through the Settings menu under iCloud > iCloud Drive > Manage Storage.

You may also be able to recover deleted photos if they were stored in the Recently Deleted folder of the Photos app. Lastly, consider using third-party software such as Dr Fone or Disk Drill if these options do not work for recovering your file(s).

  • First, connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes if it doesn’t launch automatically
  • In the main window of iTunes, select “Backup Now” under the “Manually Back Up and Restore” section in order to create a new backup of your device data
  • Once the backup is finished, select “Preferences…” from the drop-down menu at the top left corner of iTunes window and then click on “Devices” tab to view all backups made with iTunes for this device
  • Click on the most recent backup that you just created and then choose “Show in Finder/Explorer” option which will open up a folder containing all files backed up from your iPhone
  • Scroll through this folder until you find deleted files stored there; these files would have been deleted from your phone but are still present in this folder as part of its latest backup
  • Copy or move these files back to their original location on your iPhone by dragging them onto itunes or by manually placing them into folders within iCloud Drive app on your phone

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files on Iphone

Recovering permanently deleted files on an iPhone can be done by restoring from a previous iCloud or iTunes backup. To do this, open the Settings app and navigate to General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings. From here you can choose to restore from your most recent iCloud or iTunes backup.

It’s important to note that this will erase everything currently stored on your device, so it should only be used as a last resort when you absolutely need to recover permanently deleted files.

How to Permanently Delete Files on Iphone

One of the most convenient features of iPhones is the ability to delete files permanently. To do this, open your Settings app and then select “General” followed by “iPhone Storage”. Scroll down and find the file you want to remove from your phone.

Tap on it and then hit “Delete App” or “Offload App” depending on what version of iOS you are running. Confirm your choice when prompted, ensuring that all data associated with the deleted file is gone for good.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Iphone Without Backup

If you have accidentally deleted important files from your iPhone and don’t have a backup, there are still ways to recover them. One option is to use an app such as Dr.Fone – Data Recovery for iOS which can help bring back data that has been lost due to accidental deletion, device damage or corruption, virus attack, etc. This software provides an easy-to-use interface with powerful features that can help you quickly restore any type of file from your iPhone without the need for a backup.

Where is the Recently Deleted Folder on Iphone Notes

The Recently Deleted folder on iPhone Notes can be accessed by first opening the Notes app and then tapping the “Back” arrow until you see the Folders list. The Recently Deleted folder is located at the bottom of this list and contains all notes that have recently been deleted from your device. If you wish to permanently delete a note, tap Edit in the upper right-hand corner followed by Delete All in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

How to Delete Deleted Items on Iphone

If you have accidentally deleted items on your iPhone, don’t worry! You can easily recover these items by going to the “Recently Deleted” folder in your Photos app. From there, you can select the items that you want to recover and tap “Recover”.

All of your photos and videos will now be restored back onto your phone.

How to Find Deleted Files on Iphone


Where Do Deleted Files Go on Iphone?

Have you ever wondered what happens to files that are deleted from your iPhone? When an item is removed from the iPhone, it’s not immediately erased and gone forever. Instead, depending on the type of file or app, it will be moved to a “trash can” or other temporary storage area where it remains until permanently deleted.

To understand more about where deleted files go on your iPhone and how they remain on the device for some time after deletion, read on! When items like photos and videos are deleted from the Photos app they’ll first move into a Recently Deleted album in the Photos app. Here they will stay for 30 days before being fully wiped off of your device unless you manually delete them earlier than that.

This gives users ample time to recover any mistakenly-deleted content if desired by tapping Restore in this folder within 30 days of its deletion. Files such as documents created with Apple apps also have their own place when deleted; these types of documents get sent to iCloud Drive’s Trash bin which allows users to restore them up to 40 days after deleting them—just be sure you’re signed into iCloud Drive when attempting recovery so all relevant data is accessible! The same goes for third party apps like Google Docs: if something accidentally gets trashed there too then head over to their trash bin located inside each respective app (accessible via recent tabs) – provided accounts were logged in beforehand – and retrieve missing content if needed within those same 40 day limits set by Apple for restoring data across devices associated with same user’s account(s).

Can I Recover Files Deleted from Iphone?

Yes, it is possible to recover files that have been deleted from an iPhone. Depending on the type of file it is and how long ago it was deleted, there are a few different recovery methods available. If you recently deleted a photo or video, for example, then using the native Photos app can help restore them if they’re still in the Recently Deleted folder.

For more permanent deletions such as messages or contacts that have been purged from your phone’s memory, then third-party data recovery software may be able to retrieve them from your device’s internal storage. Generally speaking though, these programs require access to an iTunes backup containing the files you want to restore before they will work effectively so make sure you back up regularly!

How Do I Recover Permanently Deleted Files from My Iphone?

Recovering permanently deleted files from an iPhone can be a tricky process, as Apple makes it difficult to retrieve them once they are gone for good. Fortunately, there are some workarounds that you can try if you need to recover your lost data. The first step is to check your Recently Deleted folder in the Photos app on your phone.

This folder stores any photos and videos that have been deleted in the past 30 days so you may be able to find what you’re looking for here. If not, then another option is to use third-party recovery software such as Disk Drill or Dr Fone – this type of software will scan through your device and attempt to recover any permanently deleted data. You could also connect your iPhone directly to a computer and search within its storage drives using file explorer tools like iFunbox which may help locate hidden files stored on the device itself.

Finally, restoring an iCloud backup is probably one of the most effective ways of recovering permanent deletions as long as it was taken before the content went missing – so make sure you regularly back up all of your important information!

How Do I Find Recently Deleted Files?

If you’ve recently deleted a file and want to recover it, there are a few different methods you can use. Depending on the operating system you’re using, there may be built-in tools available to help restore your files. For Windows users, try looking in the Recycle Bin – if the file was recently deleted from your computer’s hard drive it may still show up here.

If that fails, try searching for recent backups of the same file on an external drive or cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox. Mac users could also look through their Trash folder for any missing documents or files they’d like to restore. If all else fails, consider downloading data recovery software such as Disk Drill or Recuva which allow you to scan your hard drive and search for lost information.

Remember: even after deleting a file from your computer it doesn’t mean it’s gone forever – with these tools and tricks you should be able to find those precious photos and documents in no time!

[4 Ways] How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files on iPhone with/without Backup 2023 | iOS 16


In conclusion, it is possible to recover deleted files on an iPhone. It’s important to remember that even if the file was deleted from your device, it may still be stored in iCloud or iTunes. If you follow the steps outlined in this blog post, then you should have no problem finding and restoring any lost data.

Remember to back up your phone regularly so that you can easily find any deleted files when needed!

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