How To Get 7 Accessory Slots In Terraria

To get 7 accessory slots in Terraria, you must have a piece of equipment called the Celestial Stone. It can be crafted using 10 Luminite bars which are dropped by the Moon Lord boss. Once you have crafted it, equip it to gain access to an extra 3 accessory slots for a total of 7.

The Celestial Stone also gives other buffs such as increased movement speed and regeneration rate so it is worth getting even if you don’t need the extra accessory slots. Additionally, wearing a full set of Ankh armor will give 2 more accessory slots for a total of 9!

  • Purchase the Ankh Shield from the Dryad NPC: The Ankh Shield is a powerful accessory that provides immunity to several different debuffs and grants an additional seven accessory slots when equipped
  • It can be purchased from the Dryad NPC for 45 Platinum Coins after defeating any three of the Mechanical Bosses in Terraria
  • Craft a Celestial Stone: A Celestial Stone can also be crafted at a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil, combining 10 Souls of Flight, 10 Souls of Might, 1 Turtle Shell, and 1 Beetle Husk
  • This item also provides an additional seven accessory slots for equipping items simultaneously with other accessories already worn on your character’s body armor or other clothing/accessories
  • Equip Both Items: Once both items are acquired they must be equipped together by dragging them onto each other in your inventory screen to gain access to all 14 available slots for accessories like rings and wings among others that provide various bonuses when used properly in game play situations such as increased speed or extra defense against certain enemies/debuffs etcetera


Is There a Way to Get More Accessory Slots in Terraria?

Terraria is the perfect game for those who love to explore and build their own adventure in a virtual world. A key aspect of this exploration is gathering items, which are often found in accessories that can be equipped on your character. Unfortunately, there’s only so many slots available for accessories – but don’t worry!

There is a way to get more accessory slots in Terraria if you know where to look. Through an item called the “Accessory Bag” players can add up to four extra accessory slots onto their characters. This bag allows them to store multiple accessories at once without cluttering their inventory or taking up too much space while adventuring through the game world.

The Accessory Bag isn’t hard to find either; it’s sold by several merchants throughout Terraria as long as they have enough coins on hand (or if you craft one yourself with materials from fishing crates). Once acquired, simply equip it like any other accessory and enjoy having more room for your trinkets and treasures!

How Many Accessory Slots Can You Get in Terraria?

In Terraria, you can get up to 11 accessory slots by equipping an accessory in each of the five social slot types (Vanity,Social,Accessory,Dye and Misc) as well as six extra slots from various vanity sets. The first five are gained when you equip an item in the matching category – for example; a Vanity set gives you three extra slots that can be used to store outfits or costumes. You can also gain additional accessories through certain game events such as fishing or mining ore veins.

Accessories in these extra slots do not count toward your maximum inventory space so they offer players more room to store useful items without taking away from their other valuable resources like weapons and armor pieces. All of this is possible thanks to Terraria’s flexible design which allows players to customize their characters with various equipment and accessories depending on their playstyle and preferences!

How to Get 6 Accessory Slots in Calamity?

Getting 6 accessory slots in Calamity can be both a tedious and rewarding endeavor. First, you will need to unlock the ‘Ankh Shield’ item from one of the bosses in the game. Once this is done, equip it along with two other accessories to reach three accessory slots.

To get 4 more slots, you must then find four additional accessories that all have a “Ward” prefix – Warding Shell/Ward Charm/Shrimpy Truffle/etc. When equipped together, these items will grant an additional 3 accessory slots (for a total of 6). Note that while some of these items may be difficult to acquire at first, they can be found throughout various parts of Terraria’s world or bought from NPCs like the Goblin Tinkerer after certain conditions are met.

Once all six items are acquired and equipped together correctly, you’ll have access to 6 accessory slots!

Can You Get 8 Accessory Slots in Calamity?

No, you cannot get 8 accessory slots in the game Calamity. In order to unlock extra accessory slots, players must obtain various materials from enemy drops and bosses throughout the game. There are a total of 5 available accessories that can be equipped at any given time, so if you want to equip more than five items then you need to craft some special equipment or find an item called the “Menacing Hallowed Mimic Banner”.

This banner will grant an additional three accessory slots for a total of eight possible accessories you can use on your character. However, it is important to note that this banner only works for one playthrough and is not permanent; once the player dies or completes their run through the game they will lose all extra equipment slots provided by this banner unless they find it again during their next playthrough. Thus far there does not appear to be any way to permanently increase one’s number of accessible accessory slots beyond five without using third-party mods or cheats.

How To Get 7 Accessory Slots In Terraria


How Many Accessory Slots in Terraria Expert Mode

In Terraria Expert Mode, there are a total of 11 accessory slots available. Of these, five slots are for regular accessories and the remaining six can be used to equip Expert Mode-exclusive accessories that provide powerful boosts. With so many different options available, players have plenty of room to customize their character’s build according to their specific needs and playstyle.

How to Get More Accessory Slots Terraria

If you’re looking to increase the number of accessory slots available in Terraria, there are a few different ways to do so. Firstly, you can use an item called the Ankh Shield which gives your character an extra accessory slot. Secondly, you can craft and equip a pair of wings or other special accessories such as the Celestial Shell that will also give your character additional accessory slots.

Lastly, using certain buffs from items like Sorcerer’s Emblem will provide an extra slot for equipping accessories. With these methods, it is possible to get up to 11 total accessory slots in Terraria!

How to Get More Accessory Slots Terraria Classic

If you’re looking to increase the number of accessory slots in Terraria Classic, there are a few different methods available. The easiest way is to equip an accessory that gives more slots, such as the Band of Starpower or Hercules’ Beetle. You can also craft an item called a Diving Helmet at a Tinkerer’s Workshop which will give you additional slot.

Finally, if you have any spare Life Crystals lying around, these can be used to create extra accessory slots by combining them with their respective accessories.

Terraria Accessory Slots

Terraria accessories are items that can be used to customize the characters in the game. These accessories offer a variety of bonuses and effects, from increasing stats to providing special abilities. Each character has 12 accessory slots, which allow them to equip up to 12 different items at once for a maximum of 36 total bonuses or effects.

Accessory slots can also be upgraded with certain materials found in-game, allowing players even more customization options.

Demon Heart Terraria

Demon Heart Terraria is a mod for the popular sandbox game, Terraria. It adds several new enemies and items to the game, as well as an entire new biome called The Demon Heart Biome. This biome includes its own unique music, enemies and bosses that can only be found in this area of the game.

Not only does it add extra content to explore but also makes the game more difficult than ever before with its powerful foes!

How to Get All 7 Accessories in Terraria

Terraria is an action-adventure sandbox game that allows players to explore, build and battle their way through a variety of different worlds. To get all 7 accessories in the game, you’ll need to find them scattered throughout your world. These can be found in chests, from crafting stations or even purchased from NPCs.

Once you’ve obtained each one, they can then be equipped at any time via your inventory menu. With these items properly equipped, you will have access to a variety of bonus stats and abilities including increased movement speed and improved damage resistance.

Terraria Extra Accessory Slot Not Working

If you’re having trouble accessing the Extra Accessory Slot in Terraria, don’t worry – it’s a known issue that can be easily resolved. To get your extra accessory slot working again, simply relaunch the game and make sure all of your installed mods are up to date. If this doesn’t work, try reinstalling the game completely – this should fix any issues with missing slots or other errors.

How to Get 8 Accessory Slots in Terraria

One way to get 8 accessory slots in Terraria is by using the Celestial Shell item. This item can be found from enemies or crafting with a variety of items at a Tinkerer’s Workshop. When equipped, it will add an extra four accessory slots for your character, allowing you to equip up to eight accessories.


This blog post has provided useful information on how to get 7 accessory slots in Terraria. Through the use of various tools and techniques, players can acquire additional accessory slots to further customize their gameplay experience. With these extra slots, they are able to equip more powerful items and increase their chances at success.

All in all, this blog post is a great resource for anyone looking to maximize their character’s potential in Terraria.

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