How to Hide Purchases on Iphone

To hide purchases on an iPhone, go to the App Store and select your profile icon at the top right corner. Select ‘Purchased’ from the list of options that appear. Choose ‘My Purchases’ or switch to ‘Family Sharing’ if you have multiple Apple IDs linked with your device.

Select ‘Not on this [device]’ tab and then tap ‘hide.’ This will remove all purchased apps from showing up in the App Store but it won’t delete them from your device. You can still access hidden apps through Search or by tapping their icons directly from Home screen if they were previously downloaded on your phone.

  • Step 1: Open the App Store on your iPhone
  • You can do this by tapping the blue app icon with a white “A” in it
  • Step 2: Tap on your Apple ID profile picture or initials at the top right corner of the screen
  • This will open a menu, where you’ll select “Purchased
  • ” Step 3: Here you will see two tabs labeled “All” and “Not On This iPhone
  • ” Select “Not On This iPhone” to view all of your past purchases that are not currently installed on iPhones device
  • Step 4 : Locate the purchase that you would like to hide from appearing in purchase history and swipe left over it
  • A red Hide button will appear; tap this button
  • The item is now hidden from being visible in both Purchases tab and Updates tab

How to Delete Hidden Purchases on Iphone

If you want to delete hidden purchases on your iPhone, the first step is to open the App Store and select your account at the top. From there, go into ‘Purchased’ and then tap ‘My Purchases’. This will bring up a list of all your app purchases, including any that are currently hidden from view.

Tap on each purchase you no longer need or want and hit the delete button that appears next to it. Once deleted, these apps will be permanently removed from your device.

How to Hide Apps on Iphone

Hiding apps on an iPhone is a great way to keep your device organized and secure. To do this, simply open the App Store, select “Purchased” from the menu at the bottom of the screen, then tap “My Purchases” and find the app you want to hide. Tap and hold it until all of your purchased apps begin to shake.

Then hit the “x” in its corner and confirm that you would like to delete it. The app will be removed from your home screen without being deleted entirely—it will still remain in your iTunes library for future use if needed.

Unhide Apps on Iphone

If you’ve ever hidden an app on your iPhone, you can easily unhide it by following a few simple steps. To do so, open the App Store and tap on the “Today” tab at the bottom of your screen. Next, tap on your profile photo in the top right corner and select “Account” from the drop-down menu.

On this page, scroll down to where it says “Hidden Purchases” and select that option. From there, you will be able to see all of your hidden apps and choose which ones to unhide. Once selected, simply click “Unhide” and get back to using those apps!

How to Hide Apps on Iphone With Shortcuts

Hiding apps on your iPhone can be done easily with the help of Shortcuts. With Shortcuts, you can create a simple script that will hide any app from your home screen and put it in a folder so only you know where to find it. To get started, open the Shortcuts app, tap “Create Shortcut” and type in “Hide App” as the name.

Then select an action like “Move App” and choose which app you want to hide. Once completed, hit save and run this shortcut whenever you want to quickly hide any app from view.

How to Hide Snapchat on Iphone

Hiding Snapchat on your iPhone is relatively simple and can be accomplished with a few taps. To hide the app from view, simply open up the App Store, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Offload Unused Apps.” From here, you’ll be able to select Snapchat and offload it to save storage space without deleting any data associated with it.

Once this is done, you will no longer see Snapchat in your list of apps or in Spotlight searches.

How to Hide Purchases on Iphone


How Do I Hide Purchased Items on Apple?

If you’re looking to hide your purchased items on Apple, there are a few different ways to do it. One way is by signing out of the iTunes Store account that was used to purchase the item and hiding the purchases in iCloud. This will remove the item from any devices associated with that specific account and keep it hidden until you sign back in.

Additionally, you can delete the item itself from each device where it appears under your Purchased tab in iTunes or App Store, which will also remove all traces of its existence from those devices. However, if you sync multiple devices together using iCloud, then deleting an app or song from one device won’t be enough; instead, you’ll need to go into Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > Manage Storage and disable Show All Music for any device where this option is available (it’s not always present). By doing so, no music or apps purchased on other devices will appear on those particular ones anymore.

Finally, if none of these methods work for some reason – either because they don’t apply or because they don’t give satisfactory results – then another possible solution would be seeking help directly through Apple Support by contacting them via phone/chat/email services offered online.

How Do I Delete App History on Iphone?

Deleting an app’s history on iPhone is a relatively straightforward process. To begin, open the Settings app, then select General and tap on “iPhone Storage”. From here you will be able to view all of your apps, including the one whose history you wish to delete.

Tap the app in question and scroll down until you see “Delete App”. Select this option and confirm that you want to delete it from your iPhone. This will remove all data associated with the app as well as any saved preferences or settings for that particular application.

Additionally, deleting an app can free up space on your device if there are large amounts of data stored in its cache or other temporary files. Once deleted, reinstall the application to get it running again without having to worry about any past information associated with it!

How Do I Hide Purchases from Family Sharing on My Iphone?

If you’re an iPhone user, you may be familiar with the Family Sharing feature. This feature allows up to six people in a family to share songs, movies, and other purchased items they have made on their Apple accounts. However, if you’d like to keep certain purchases from being shared with your family members, there are ways that you can hide them from view.

To do this, open up the App store and select “Purchased.” Here, you will find all of the apps that were purchased by anyone who is connected through Family Sharing. To hide any item simply swipe left on it and tap “Hide Purchase” which should appear next to the cloud icon; this will prevent it from showing up in other members’ Purchases list or History tab.

Additionally, iTunes purchases such as music or movies can also be hidden within your account settings – just go into Settings > Music/Videos & TV Shows > and toggle off “Family Sharing” for whichever type of content you want to restrict access on; once done any new purchases made under that category won’t show up in Family Sharing anymore either!

How Do I Delete Hide App Purchase History on Iphone?

Deleting or hiding your purchase history on an iPhone can be done easily and quickly. First, open the App Store app and tap on the “Purchases” option at the top of the screen. This will bring up a list of all your past purchases from within this app.

To hide a single purchase, swipe left on it to reveal a red “Hide” button; pressing it will instantly remove that item from your history. If you want to delete multiple items at once, simply select them using the checkmark icon next to each entry, then press “Hide Selected Purchases” at the bottom of the page. Note that if you’ve been using Family Sharing for apps, any purchases made by other family members cannot be hidden in this manner – they must be removed individually in their respective accounts instead.

How to Hide/Unhide App Store Purchases in iOS 16 on iPhone/iPad


Overall, hiding purchases on an iPhone is a simple process that requires just a few steps. With the ability to hide apps, music and other content from view, users can easily keep their data private and secure. By following these instructions, you can ensure that your private information stays out of sight so you can keep it safe from prying eyes.

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