How To Join A Commune

There are many different types of communes and each one may have its own specific requirements for joining. Generally, a potential member must first fill out an application that includes information about their background, interests, and goals. After the application is approved by the leader or governing body of the commune, they will typically request an in-person interview to ensure that the prospective member is committed to living in community and shares similar values with other members.

Once accepted into a commune, new members are often expected to contribute labor to help maintain communal projects as well as provide financial support either through dues or other means. Additionally, if there is any type of spiritual practice associated with the particular commune then it’s important for individuals who join to be respectful of those beliefs even if they don’t personally share them.

  • Research communes: Take some time to research different types of communes and the type of lifestyle they offer
  • Make sure to read up on their values, purpose, beliefs, and any other important details that could help you make a decision if the particular community is right for you
  • Reach out: Contact the members of the commune either through email or social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter
  • Ask questions about how membership works and whether there are any requirements for joining
  • Be sure to clarify any doubts you may have so you can be sure this is the right fit for you before taking further steps to join in person
  • Visit in person: Arrange a visit with the members of your chosen commune so that you can see first-hand what life would be like if you lived there as part of their community
  • This will give you an opportunity to get acquainted with everyone involved and decide if it’s really something that fits your needs and wants in life at this point in time
  • 4 Apply: Once all your questions have been answered during your visit, take some more time off alone or with family/friends to consider whether this is still something that appeals to everything within yourself – then fill out an application form online or in person detailing why exactly would like to join them!

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Does Commune Still Exist?

Yes, communes still exist today and are gaining in popularity. Communes are small intentional communities which typically share resources such as land, labor, or income among their members. They began as a reaction to the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century and were often associated with counterculture movements of the 1960s and 1970s that sought to create alternative lifestyles outside mainstream society.

Today there are communes all over the world practicing various forms of communal living including eco villages, urban collectives, co-housing projects, spiritual retreats, agricultural cooperatives and more. These modern day communes have been able to embrace technology while maintaining an emphasis on sustainable living practices like permaculture gardening and renewable energy sources. The benefits of living in a commune include increased support from fellow community members for both physical needs (such as food and shelter) as well as emotional ones (like social connection).

It also provides an opportunity for individuals to engage in meaningful work that contributes to something larger than themselves; this can be incredibly empowering for those who feel isolated or disconnected from traditional societal norms. Despite some challenges faced by many communes (including financial instability), it is clear that these unique intentional communities will continue to thrive into the future!

Are There Any Communes in Oregon?

Yes, there are a few communes in Oregon. They range from small, intentional living communities to larger agricultural cooperatives and spiritual retreats. The most well-known is Lost Valley Educational Center near Dexter, which has been around since 1988 and offers workshops on sustainable living practices such as permaculture and natural building.

There’s also Earthaven Ecovillage in Cottage Grove, a 200 acre community dedicated to building resilient systems for food production and renewable energy generation. Other notable communes include Kindred Spirits Community near Corvallis; Sunward Cohousing near Portland; the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Monastery near Eugene; and Lammas EcoVillage in Gold Beach. Each of these communities have their own unique culture, approaches to sustainability, governance models, economies, participation requirements – but they all share one common goal: to foster meaningful connections with each other while striving towards greater self-sufficiency through ecological principles.

Are There Still Communes in California?

Yes, there are still communes in California. While the number of communes has decreased over the years, many have persisted and remain active today. These communities can be found throughout California, from remote mountain retreats to urban centers like San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Communes often form around shared values or ideologies that members agree to uphold collectively. Some are based on religious beliefs while others may focus on artistic expression or alternative lifestyles. There is no one single definition of a commune as each community tends to develop its own set of rules and expectations for living together harmoniously.

Many modern-day communes embrace sustainability practices such as growing their own produce organically or using renewable energy sources such as solar power rather than relying solely on traditional electricity providers. Communal living allows individuals to save money while having access to all the amenities they need without having to pay a hefty price tag associated with more traditional housing options in California’s expensive cities. It also provides an opportunity for people with similar ideals and values to create meaningful relationships through shared experiences within the safety of their community walls.

How to Live in a Hippy Commune?

Living in a hippy commune is an alternative lifestyle that can be liberating and exciting. It requires you to step outside of the norm and live with others who value similar ideals as yourself. When living in a hippy commune, it’s important to be open-minded and practice acceptance towards all members of your community.

The key components of communal living include collaboration, cooperation, respect for other’s beliefs, and sharing resources among residents. To make sure everyone has their basic needs met it helps to have clearly defined roles for each member so that everyone can contribute their unique skillsets or specialities. Communal housing arrangements where people share collective meals are common within these communities as well as utilizing renewable energy sources like solar power or wind turbines – both of which help reduce environmental impact on the land itself.

Additionally, many hippie communes focus on growing their own food organically in order to create sustainable self-sufficiency while also cultivating a sense of responsibility amongst its members when it comes to preserving nature’s gifts such as water sources or endangered plants/animals inhabiting the area. All in all, living in a hippy commune is an opportunity to break away from societal norms while creating meaningful relationships with individuals who share your same values – ultimately providing balance between personal freedom and fulfillment through communal life!

How To Join A Commune


How to Join a Hippie Commune

If you’re looking to join a hippie commune, the best way to start is by researching and contacting local communities in your area. See if they have any openings or events that you can attend, as this is often the best way to get an inside look at what life would be like on their commune. You should also network with people in other similar communes and ask them for advice about joining one yourself.

Additionally, consider learning more about communal living practices such as self-governance, bartering systems, renewable energy sources and sustainable agriculture before taking the plunge into full-time communal living.

Intentional Communities Looking for Members

Intentional communities offer a unique and rewarding living experience for those looking to live communally with others. Intentional communities are designed to foster collaboration, social justice and sustainability amongst its members, giving individuals the opportunity to share resources and work together on projects that benefit all. From urban farms in metropolitan cities to rural homesteads off the beaten path, intentional communities come in many different varieties and sizes – allowing prospective members a wide range of options when searching for their ideal community!

How Much Does It Cost to Live in a Commune

Living in a commune is often much more affordable than living on your own, as communal living typically involves sharing resources and expenses. This can include rent, utilities, food costs and childcare among other things. Depending on the size of the commune you live in, it could cost anywhere from $300 to $1,500 or more per month for all these expenses combined.

Ultimately, it depends on how many people are sharing the space and what amenities they have access to.

Communes near Me

Living in a commune is becoming increasingly popular for those who want to create a shared community. Many communes are popping up around the world, often located just outside of cities and other populous areas. If you’re looking for one close to you, start by researching online or asking people in your local area if there are any nearby.

You can also look for events like potlucks or workshops that will introduce you to different communities and help connect you with like-minded individuals. With some effort and research, chances are good that you’ll find a vibrant communal living experience near where you live!

How to Join a Commune Reddit

Joining a Commune Reddit is an easy way to connect with like-minded people and learn more about communal living. To join, simply visit the Reddit website and search for “Commune.” Once you find the correct subreddit, click on it to view posts from other members of the community.

From there, read through posts to get familiar with what types of topics are discussed in this group. When you’re ready, create an account and start engaging in conversations!

Hippie Commune Living near Me

The hippie commune living near me is a unique experience that combines the values of freedom and self-sufficiency with a vibrant communal lifestyle. Located in rural Northern California, this intentional community features organic gardens, permaculture practices, shared meals, workshops for skills development and more. The members of this unique way of life strive to live simply and sustainably off the land while promoting good will towards each other and Mother Nature.

If you’re looking for an alternative lifestyle free from modern trappings, then hippie commune living near me might be worth exploring!

What is a Commune

A commune is a group of people living together and sharing their resources in a communal lifestyle. Communes are typically composed of members who share the same values, beliefs and practices, such as environmental protection or veganism. Members may also work collectively on projects to promote these values or raise income for the commune’s expenses.

They often strive to be self-sufficient by growing their own food, building their own housing, generating renewable energy sources, and managing waste responsibly.

Intentional Communities in Hawaii Seeking New Members

Intentional communities in Hawaii are looking for new members! These communities provide a unique opportunity to live in harmony with nature and your fellow community members. Residents of these intentional communities share resources, space, meals, decision-making and work together towards common goals.

They often have shared values such as sustainability, environmentalism or spirituality that help guide the group’s decisions and activities. If you’re interested in joining an intentional community in Hawaii, visit their websites to learn more about what they offer and how you can join.


Joining a commune can be an incredibly fulfilling and meaningful experience, as it allows individuals to live in harmony with others, build relationships with like-minded people, and cultivate a more sustainable lifestyle. It is important to do your research beforehand so that you know what sort of lifestyle the commune offers and if it’s right for you. Consider your needs, expectations, goals, and values when making this decision; by understanding these things about yourself first you will be able to find the perfect commune for your life!

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