How To Make Death In Little Alchemy 1

To make Death in Little Alchemy, first combine Life and Time to create a Human. Then, combine the Human with Sword to create Warrior. After that, combine Warrior with either Fire or Darkness to produce Death.

Finally, you can also mix Life and Corpse together to directly obtain Death without having to go through any extra steps. As long as you have all of these elements unlocked in your game, it should only take a few minutes for you to complete this recipe!

  • Step 1: Begin by dragging the “Air” element onto the playing board
  • This will create a basic element known as “Sky
  • ” Step 2: Now add the “Fire” element to your Sky, which will create an ash-like substance called “Energy”
  • Step 3: Drag the Energy element onto your playing board and combine it with the Life element to make Death

Playing Little Alchemy | Part 9 – Death And Gory

How Do You Make Grim Reaper in Little Alchemy 1?

Making Grim Reaper in Little Alchemy 1 is fairly straightforward and easy to do. First, you need to combine Life with Death which will create the Grim Reaper. From there, you can further combine this new element with other elements such as Time or Spirit to create even more interesting items in the game!

You can also mix different combinations of elements together such as Fire + Water = Steam or Plant + Earth = Swamp, just be sure not to miss any important components that are needed for creating your desired item. With a bit of practice and experimentation, you’ll soon have a masterful understanding on how to make anything imaginable in Little Alchemy 1!

Can You Get Immortality in Little Alchemy 1?

No, you cannot get immortality in Little Alchemy 1. This game is all about combining elements to create new items. You may be able to combine some of the elements to make something that looks like it could grant someone immortality, such as an Elixir of Life or a Philosopher’s Stone, but these are just metaphors for life-sustaining powers; they won’t actually make you immortal in the game.

The beauty of Little Alchemy is that while there are set combinations and outcomes, there’s also a lot of room for creativity and experimentation. Some players have even created their own stories around different alchemical creations! So while it might not be possible to achieve true immortality in this game, at least you can use your imagination and explore how different substances interact with each other!

How Do You Make a Grave in Little Alchemy 1?

Making a grave in Little Alchemy 1 is quite simple. First, you need to combine the elements of earth and life. This will create a living creature.

Next, you have to use time on the living creature to turn it into a corpse. Finally, drag your corpse onto the graveyard tile and this will create your grave! You can then customize it by adding some decorations such as flowers or trees if desired.

To make different kinds of graves, like stone graves or cemeteries, simply combine other items with your graveyard tile – for example combining fire and graveyard will give you a fiery cemetery while combining water and graveyard gives you an underwater one! With these steps, you can easily make any kind of grave in Little Alchemy 1 – just remember not to forget those decorations!

How Do You Make Evil in Little Alchemy?

To make evil in Little Alchemy, the player must combine certain elements together. To begin, one must combine Life and Death to create a Monster. After this has been created, the next step is to mix it with Time to produce an Evil Wizard.

From there, you can mix the Evil Wizard with Dark Arts for creating Pure Evil. Finally, combining Pure Evil with any other element will result in making evil in Little Alchemy! It’s important to note that these steps are all performed within the game itself; no outside materials are necessary or required for completing this task.

With patience and skillful manipulation of the environment provided by Little Alchemy, anyone can easily craft their own version of evil within moments!

How To Make Death In Little Alchemy 1


How to Make Death Star in Little Alchemy 1

Making the Death Star in Little Alchemy is a fun challenge that can be completed by combining three simple elements: Air, Energy and Earth. Start by dragging the Air element onto your playing field, then drag the Energy element onto it to create Pressure. Finally, drag Earth onto Pressure to create the Death Star!

With this combination you have created one of Little Alchemy’s most iconic pieces – good job!

How to Make Time in Little Alchemy 1

Little Alchemy is a fun game where you combine elements to create new and interesting items. Making time in Little Alchemy requires combining the two base elements of ‘air’ and ‘fire’, which will result in energy being created. From there, you can add energy to the mix of other elements like earth, water, life, or metal to make more complex items such as plants or animals.

Finally, by adding the element of time to your concoction, you will have made a full cycle that results in an item with all four basic elements!

How Do You Make Philosophy in Little Alchemy 1

Philosophy in Little Alchemy 1 can be made by combining the elements of Life and Time. This combination creates one of the most complex items in the game, allowing players to explore philosophical questions like how life is shaped by time or what it means to exist. With this item, you can craft a variety of other combinations that will lead to fascinating discoveries about yourself and your world.

How to Make Organic Matter in Little Alchemy 1

Organic matter can be created in Little Alchemy by combining the elements of Fire and Earth. When these two elements are combined, it will create an organic matter such as a plant or tree. Other combinations that can result in organic matter include water and earth, fire and air, life and earth, or energy and earth.

By experimenting with different combinations you can discover new ways to make organic matter!

How to Make Graveyard in Little Alchemy 2

Making a Graveyard in Little Alchemy 2 is quick and easy! All you need to do is combine the elements of ‘Human’, ‘Time’ and ‘Ground’ together. You can also add other combinations such as ‘Stone’ and ‘Coffin’.

Once all the items have been mixed, you will be rewarded with a Graveyard element that can then be used to create many more exciting objects. Have fun creating your own graveyard!

How Do You Make Death in Little Alchemy 2

Death in Little Alchemy 2 is created by combining Life with Time. It’s important to note that the elements of Life and Time are not available at the start of the game, so you’ll need to combine other elements together such as Plant and Sun or Human and Scythe before you can create Death. Once both ingredients have been combined, simply drag them onto each other to make Death!

How to Make Corpse in Little Alchemy 1

If you want to make a Corpse in Little Alchemy, the first two elements that you will need are Life and Time. To create this element, simply drag the “Life” element onto the “Time” element and they will combine together to form a Corpse. This combination is one of many creative ways that players can interact with the game and create various types of elements.

With hundreds of combinations to play around with, Little Alchemy provides endless hours of fun!

How to Make Skeleton in Little Alchemy 2

Making a Skeleton in Little Alchemy 2 is easy! First, combine Life and Clay to create Human; then, use Human with Scissors to make the Skeleton. That’s it – you now have your very own Skeleton in Little Alchemy 2!


In conclusion, Little Alchemy 1 is a great game for both adults and children alike. It can be fun to figure out how to make death in the game and it can also teach players some valuable lessons about life. Hopefully this blog post has given readers an understanding of how to go about making death in the game.

With practice, soon enough they will be able to master the art of creating death in Little Alchemy 1!

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