How To Open Paper Towel Dispenser Without Key

One way to open a paper towel dispenser without a key is to use an unlocked coin-operated mechanism. This involves inserting coins into the device in order to release the latch that holds the door shut. If you don’t have any coins available, you can also try using a credit card or something thin and flat like a butter knife as well.

Once the latch has been released, you should be able to pull open the door manually. If this does not work, then it may be necessary to unscrew or cut away part of the casing around the lock itself in order for access inside. You can then manually remove any components blocking your access before opening it up completely by hand.

  • Check the side of the paper towel dispenser for a latch or switch: Some paper towel dispensers have a latch or switch on their sides that can be used to open them without needing a key
  • Locate this if it is present, and flip the switch to unlock the door
  • Look for screws holding the dispenser closed: Paper towel dispensers may also be held together by visible screws along its seams
  • If they are present, use a screwdriver to remove these screws and take off the entire face of the unit to access its interior components
  • Inspect inside for an opening mechanism: Inside you should find some kind of lever or metal bar that opens when pulled in order to release the paper towels from their holder inside
  • Pull on this lever until you hear it click into place, then pull forward on whatever portion of plastic is blocking your access to paper towels (this could either be one big piece or several smaller ones)
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  • Replace any parts removed once finished : After you’ve taken out as many rolls as needed, put back any parts that were removed during disassembly and re-secure them with any screws previously taken out

How to open the enMotion paper towel dispenser without a key

How Do You Open a Paper Towel Roll Dispenser?

Opening a paper towel roll dispenser is actually quite simple. All you need to do is locate the opening at the top of the dispenser, which is usually covered with a lid or flap. Depending on your particular model, this could be opened by pressing down on it and pushing away from you, pulling up on it, or turning it counterclockwise.

Once opened, simply slide the inner cardboard core out of the center of the cylinder and insert your paper towels into it before sliding that core back in and securing any locks or closures around it. Finally, make sure there are no remaining pieces of cardboard sticking out so that as you pull each sheet off one-by-one they come out cleanly without tearing!

How Do You Open a Bay West Paper Towel Dispenser?

To open a Bay West paper towel dispenser, first locate the keyhole on the upper left side of the unit. Next, carefully insert your key into the hole and turn it clockwise until you feel resistance. Afterward, firmly pull down on the lever to unlock and open up the top cover of your dispenser.

Once opened, simply load in your paper towels by rolling them around an empty core that is provided with each new roll. Be sure to close off any unused sections of roll before loading it into place so as not to waste any towels. When finished, press down on both sides of the lid and lock shut with a slight click sound – indicating that you have successfully loaded and closed off your Bay West paper towel dispenser!

How Do You Open a Public Bathroom Toilet Paper?

Opening a public bathroom toilet paper is an important part of keeping the facility clean and safe. To ensure that everyone using the restroom has access to clean, fresh toilet tissue, it’s essential to know the best way to open a new roll of tissue. The first step is to remove the empty cardboard tube from inside the plastic dispenser by pushing down on one end with your finger until it pops out.

Next, locate where the perforated edge of the new roll meets at one end and carefully separate it from its wrapper without tearing too much off in case you need to use some later for refilling purposes. Once opened, slip both ends into slots on either side of the dispenser so that they fit snugly and then press down firmly on top so that they stay put. Finally, pull out enough length of tissue so that when someone uses it there will still be plenty left over for others who come after them – this should be around two or three feet long depending on how much each person typically needs!

How Do You Open a Bobrick Paper Towel Dispenser?

Opening a Bobrick paper towel dispenser is quite simple and can be done in just a few steps. First, locate the two recessed buttons on the side of the dispenser. Press one button with your finger to unlock the unit, then slide open the cover door of the dispenser.

Next, remove any old towels from inside and discard them properly. Finally, load new paper towels into the unit by pressing each roll against its respective spindle until it clicks securely into place and close up the cover door again using both hands to make sure it locks securely in place before releasing one of your fingers from the button you initially pressed when unlocking. Your Bobrick paper towel dispenser is now ready for use!

How To Open Paper Towel Dispenser Without Key


How to Open a Marathon Paper Towel Dispenser Without the Key

Opening a Marathon paper towel dispenser without the key can be done with a few simple steps. First, remove the screws at the back of the dispenser. Then, open up the cover to access and remove its internal components.

Using a flathead screwdriver, pry off either side of the lock cylinder and then use needle nose pliers to pull out any pins or springs that may still be attached inside. Finally, replace these components and reattach them with new screws for an operational paper towel dispenser without needing a key!

How to Open Paper Towel Dispenser With Key

Using a paper towel dispenser key is the easiest way to open a paper towel dispenser. First, locate the small hole located on the front of the dispenser. Then, insert your key into this hole and turn it counterclockwise to unlock the device.

Once unlocked, you can access the interior of your paper towel dispenser and replace or refill as needed.

How to Open Bobrick Toilet Paper Dispenser Without Key

Opening a Bobrick toilet paper dispenser without a key is possible with some creativity. To open it, you will need a thin metal rod or object like an Allen wrench that can be inserted into the small hole located on the back side of the dispenser. Once this rod is in place, gently jiggle it until you feel the latch release and then open the door.

With some patience and effort, you should be able to unlock your Bobrick toilet paper dispenser without needing to purchase any special tools!

How to Open Commercial Toilet Paper Dispenser Without Key

If you need to open a commercial toilet paper dispenser without a key, there are several options. You can use pliers or needle nose pliers to grip and twist the head of the dispenser until it is loose enough for you to unscrew by hand. Alternatively, if the lock is not too tight, you may be able to pick it using a thin metal rod or wire.

Finally, some models may have an emergency release mechanism which allows access in cases where no keys are available – consult your user manual for more details on this feature.

How to Open Bay West Paper Towel Dispenser Without Key

If you find yourself without a key for your Bay West paper towel dispenser, there is still hope! You can use a flathead screwdriver to open the lock. First, locate the small notch near the top of the lock and insert your screwdriver into it.

Give it a slight twist and pull up until you hear a click indicating that the lock has been released. Now, your dispenser should be free to open!

How to Open Tork Paper Towel Dispenser

Opening a Tork paper towel dispenser is quick and easy! All you need to do is locate the release tab at the back of the unit, then press down on it while simultaneously pulling forward on the front panel. This will unlock the dispenser and allow you to open it up and load in your desired roll of paper towels.

With this simple process, refilling your paper towel supply has never been easier!

How to Open Marathon Paper Towel Dispenser With Key

If you have a Marathon paper towel dispenser that needs to be opened, the first step is to locate the key. The key should either be located on the front of the dispenser or will come with your purchase if it is a brand new unit. To open the dispenser, simply insert the key into the slot and turn it counterclockwise until you hear a click sound indicating that it has been unlocked.

Once this has been done, pull firmly on both sides of the cabinet door to open it up completely and access its contents.

Enmotion Paper Towel Dispenser Key

The Enmotion Paper Towel Dispenser Key is a great tool for any business or home that has an automated paper towel dispenser. This key allows you to easily unlock and lock the unit without having to use any tools or complicated procedures. This key is designed to be durable and long-lasting, making it ideal for busy areas where paper towels are used frequently.

Additionally, this key can be used on all Enmotion automatic paper towel dispensers, allowing you to upgrade your current model at any time with ease.


In conclusion, opening a paper towel dispenser without a key is possible using simple tools and techniques. If you don’t have the key to your paper towel dispenser or are unable to locate it, there are several methods that can be used to open the dispenser with minimal hassle. With these techniques on hand, you will never be left stranded when in need of some extra paper towels!

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