How to Record a Video Call on Iphone

To record a video call on an iPhone, you will need to use the built-in Screen Recording feature. First, open the App Store and download a screen recording app such as QuickTime or AirServer. Once installed, open the app and start it up.

Then initiate your video chat in whatever messaging platform you are using (e.g., FaceTime). When both parties are ready for the call, press and hold the Side button + Volume Up buttons simultaneously to bring up Control Center; tap “Screen Record” from here and then click Start Recording when prompted. You can stop recording at any time by pressing that same combination of buttons again then tapping Stop Recording in Control Center when done with your call.

The recorded clip should be saved to your Camera Roll automatically where you may access it later!

  • Download a third-party app: Before you can record a video call on your iPhone, you’ll need to download and install one of the many third-party apps available for this purpose
  • Look for an app that offers basic recording features such as HD quality audio and video, recording length customization, and multiple device compatibility
  • Open the Third-Party App: Once you’ve downloaded the app of your choice from the App Store, open it up and configure any necessary settings or preferences before proceeding with recording your video call
  • Place Your Video Call: After you’ve opened the third-party app, start placing your video call by entering in either their phone number or email address associated with their account (depending on which service they’re using)
  • As soon as they answer your call, begin talking while keeping in mind that everything said is being recorded by default! 4
  • Start Recording Your Video Call: When both parties have accepted the incoming/outgoing request to enter into a conversation via Facetime or Skype (or whichever program is used), tap on the ‘record’ button within your chosen third-party application to begin capturing all activity happening throughout this conversation – including sound! Depending on which specific software you use during these calls will determine how long each individual clip can be captured at once – some are limited to 10 minutes while others may allow unlimited amounts of time depending on storage availability
  • 5 Finish The Recording Session :Once finished speaking with whomever was present during this particular chat session , hit ‘stop’ within your 3rd party application – thus concluding its current capture session & saving all footage previously filmed onto either iCloud drive or other internal memory sources located inside of Apple devices

How to Record a Video Call on Iphone With Sound

Recording a video call on iPhone with sound is easy and straightforward. You can do this using the built-in screen recording feature in iOS 11 or later. To start, open the FaceTime or other video calling app that you want to record, then switch your iPhone to landscape mode so it will capture more of your conversation.

Next, pull up Control Center and tap Screen Recording to begin capturing both audio and video of your call. When you’re finished recording, just tap Stop Recording in Control Center and the footage will be saved directly into Photos for easy access.

How to Record Whatsapp Video Call With Audio on Iphone

Recording a WhatsApp video call with audio on iPhone is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is install an app such as ‘Record it’ from the App Store, which will allow you to easily record any incoming or outgoing calls with both audio and video. Once installed, simply open the app before starting your call and press ‘record’ once the conversation has started.

The recording will then be saved in your photos library for playback whenever needed.

Can You Record a Facetime Video Call

Yes, you can record a Facetime video call with certain third-party apps. This can be done on both Android and Apple devices using apps like DU Recorder or AZ Screen Recorder. Additionally, macOS users may also use QuickTime Player to record the conversation.

Once recorded, the video file can then be shared via email, SMS, or social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

How to Screen Record Facetime With Sound on Iphone 13

Screen recording Facetime calls on iPhone 13 with sound is easy and convenient. To begin, open up the Settings app and tap Control Center. In the Customize Controls section, select Screen Recording to add it to your Control Center options.

Now, when you want to record a Facetime call, simply swipe down from the top of your screen to access your Control Center and tap on the screen recording icon. You’ll be prompted if you’d like to include audio in your recording; once confirmed you should be good to go!

Screen Record Facetime With Audio

Screen recording Facetime with audio is a great way to save and share important conversations or meetings. You can easily capture high-quality audio and video recordings of your FaceTime calls directly from your Mac, iPhone, or iPad device. This feature is available for both one-on-one calls and group chats, allowing you to keep track of all interactions for reference later on.

With just a few clicks, you can easily create professional looking recordings that can be shared via email or social media platforms.

How to Record a Video Call on Iphone


Can You Screen Record a Video Call With Sound on Iphone?

Yes, you can screen record a video call with sound on iPhone. This useful feature allows users to capture special moments during their video calls and save them for later viewing or sharing with friends and family. To do this on an iPhone, open the control center by swiping up from the bottom of your device’s home screen, then tap the “Screen Recording” icon that looks like a circle inside a square.

A 3-second countdown will begin before recording starts so be sure to select “Microphone Audio” when prompted in order to include sound in your recording. After you finish your video call, simply hit “Stop Screen Recording” at any time in the Control Center (or wait until it is finished automatically). Your newly recorded clip will appear as an attachment within iMessage threads or in Photos app where you can download and share it with others easily!

Can You Screen Record a Video Call With Sound?

Yes, you can screen record a video call with sound. Screen recording is a great way to capture the important details of your video calls – from presentations to conversations and more. There are several tools available that allow you to easily record any kind of video call with audio on both desktop and mobile devices.

To get started, simply download one of these apps or install an extension for your web browser and follow the instructions provided in order to begin capturing your video calls with sound. With most software, you’ll be able to customize settings such as output resolution and file format so that you’re able to capture high quality recordings at optimal size without sacrificing audio clarity. Additionally, some solutions even provide advanced editing features so that after recording your call, you can go back and make cuts or adjustments if needed before saving the final product.

What App Can Record Video Calls on Iphone?

If you’re an iPhone user looking to record video calls, there are several apps on the market that can help. Some of the most popular include Zoom, Skype, Hangouts and Google Duo, all of which offer easy-to-use interfaces for recording video calls. All these apps allow users to conveniently capture important meetings or conversations with friends and family from their iPhones.

Recording a call is simple: just open up the app you’re using and tap on “record” before initiating your call. Once done talking, hit “stop” to save your recording in a secure place within the app itself. You can also share recordings via text message or email if needed.

With these apps at your disposal, capturing those special moments won’t be a problem anymore!

How Do I Record a Video Meeting on My Iphone?

Recording a video meeting on your iPhone is easier than you might think. With the latest iOS update, Apple has made it simple to record any type of video conference with just a few taps. To begin recording, open the FaceTime app and select the contact or contacts you’d like to include in your call.

Once they have accepted, tap the screen and then press “Record” in the top right corner of your screen. You will then be prompted to name your file; do so and hit save before continuing with your call. The recording will automatically stop when all participants hang up, but if you need to end it earlier simply press “Stop Recording” at any time during the conversation – no special software required!

After all is said and done, you can find your saved recordings in Photos under Videos where they can be accessed anytime for later review.

How to Record Video Call With Audio on iPhone | FaceTime WhatsApp


Recording a video call on an iPhone is a great way to capture memories with family, friends and colleagues. With the steps outlined in this blog post, you should now have all the necessary tools to record your next video call. Whether it’s for work or fun, recording video calls will ensure that those special moments are not forgotten.

So go ahead and give it a try – you won’t regret it!

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