How To Rotate Google Maps On A Pc

Rotating Google Maps on a PC is easy. First, open the Google Maps website and type in your desired address or location. Once it loads, click and hold down the left mouse button over the map image until you see four arrows-shaped icon appear.

Then just move your cursor around to rotate the map in any direction you want. You can also use the zoom slider located at the bottom right corner of the screen to change its perspective view while rotating it manually with your mouse. The rotation feature is especially helpful if you’re looking for something specific such as an exact street name or building that may not be visible when viewing from straight ahead angle of view.

If needed, simply move and rotate until everything comes into focus then double click anywhere on the screen to lock it in place before continuing with other actions like getting directions or finding nearby attractions.

  • Open your web browser and navigate to Google Maps (maps
  • google
  • Enter a location in the search bar at the top of the page, then click “Enter” or press the Search icon on the right side of the bar to search for that location on Google Maps
  • Click and hold down your left mouse button on any point in the map you wish to rotate around, then drag it in any direction you want until you have rotated it into position as desired
  • To adjust further, use your scroll wheel while holding down your left mouse button over an area of interest on the map; this will zoom out or zoom in depending upon which way you move your scroll wheel while still allowing you to rotate as necessary with just one hand movement!

How to rotate google maps on PC


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How Do I Rotate Google Maps on a Pc

Rotating Google Maps on a PC is fairly straightforward. To do so, first open the map in your web browser and ensure that you are signed into your Google account. From there, right-click anywhere on the map and select “Rotate Map” from the menu that appears.

You will then have the ability to rotate the entire map clockwise or counterclockwise using either your mouse wheel or directional arrows located at the top of your screen. After selecting an angle of rotation, click “Done” to apply it to your view. If you decide later that you want to reset back to North at any time, simply repeat these steps and select “Reset Rotation” instead of “Done” for easy realignment!

To Rotate the View in Google Maps, Click And Hold down Your Mouse Button While Dragging to Change the Angle of the Map

Google Maps is an incredibly useful tool for navigating the world, but it can be even more helpful when you customize the view to your preference. To change the angle of the map, simply click and hold down your mouse button while dragging in any direction. This will rotate the view so that you can get a better understanding of where you are going or what area looks like from various angles.

Depending on how much detail is available in a particular area, rotating may also reveal hidden features such as buildings or rivers that would otherwise not be visible. Google Maps makes it easy to explore unfamiliar places without ever leaving home!

You Can Also Use Your Scroll Wheel on Your Mouse to Zoom in Or Out And Tilt Or Rotate Perspective of the Map

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This is particularly helpful if you’re trying to make sure your data points are properly aligned, identify potential issues that might otherwise have been overlooked, or just need a unique perspective for presentation purposes. In addition to all this, it’s often faster than using buttons or keyboard shortcuts since scrolling is something we do naturally anyway. All in all, learning how to use your scroll wheel effectively will not only help save time but make working with visual materials much easier overall!


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Is There Any Way to Save My Rotated View in Google Maps

Yes, there is a way to save your rotated view in Google Maps! To do this, simply open the map you wish to save and rotate it as desired. Then click on the star icon located at the top of the screen (it looks like an asterisk) and select “Save View” from the drop-down menu.

You will then be prompted to give your saved view a name so that you can easily find it again later. Once you have named it, your rotated view will be stored in your list of Saved Views where you can access it whenever you want. This feature makes it easy to store any special maps configurations that may come in handy for future use – such as if you are looking for directions between two locations while keeping specific landmarks or roads in mind.

Yes, You Can Go to “Mymaps” in Google Maps, Create a New Map And Select “Save Current View” from the Dropdown Menu So That You Won’T Have to Manually Adjust It Each Time You Open Up Maps Again

If you are looking for a way to save your current view in Google Maps, then MyMaps is the perfect solution. With this feature of Google Maps, you can easily create a new map and save it so that it will stay exactly as you have configured it. To use this feature, simply go to “MyMaps” within the Google Maps app and select “save current view” from the dropdown menu.

This will allow you to keep your exact settings without having to manually adjust them each time you open up maps again. It’s an incredibly convenient way to ensure that your desired location remains at all times when navigating through different areas on Google Maps!

How To Rotate Google Maps On A Pc


How to Rotate Google Maps on Pc 2022

Rotating Google Maps on a PC is easy with the latest version of Google Maps. First, open up your browser and go to – then, click on the ‘menu’ icon in the top-left corner of the page and select ‘rotate map’. From there, you can click and drag with your mouse to rotate your view in any direction you’d like!

Additionally, if you want to quickly reset back to North being at the top of your screen again, just hit ‘reset rotation’ from within the menu options.

Can’T Rotate Google Maps on Pc

Google Maps on PC can not be rotated, however it is possible to tilt the map for a 3D view. This gives you the ability to adjust your view of various landmarks and terrain in order to get a better understanding of the area. Unfortunately, since Google Maps does not have the same technology as mobile devices, rotating is not an available option.

Rotate Google Maps Mac

To rotate the map view on a Mac, open Google Maps and press the Command key and the period (.) key simultaneously. This will cause your map to rotate counter-clockwise by 90 degrees. You can also press Command + comma (,) to rotate clockwise.

If you are having trouble rotating your map, make sure that Caps Lock is not enabled because this could interfere with the command shortcut keys.

How to Rotate Google Maps in Browser

Rotating Google Maps in your browser is easy and convenient. All you have to do is left-click on the map with your mouse, hold down the mouse button, then drag the map around until it’s rotated to the direction you want. You can also use a combination of two finger gestures on a touchpad or trackpad to rotate Google Maps in any direction.

Rotating maps will help you orient yourself when exploring different locations online!

Google Maps Orientation

Google Maps Orientation is a feature available on the Google Maps app which allows users to orient themselves in an unfamiliar area by using their phone or tablet’s compass. This tool works by detecting your orientation relative to north, and then displaying arrows pointing you in the direction that you’re facing. Additionally, it can also show nearby points of interest and help provide directions for navigation.

Google Earth

Google Earth is a powerful tool that offers users access to high resolution satellite imagery and aerial photography. It enables people to explore the world from the comfort of their own home, allowing them to virtually travel anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. With Google Earth, you can view landscapes, discover natural wonders, gain insight into historical events and more – all while learning about our planet along the way.

How to Rotate Google Maps on Chrome

You can rotate Google Maps on Chrome by using the navigation arrows located at the top left of your screen. Click and hold down one of these arrows to rotate the map in that direction, or click and drag two fingers across your touchpad or touchscreen device to spin it around. You can also press “Ctrl” plus “+” together to zoom in and “Ctrl” plus “-” together to zoom out.

How to Rotate Google Maps on Iphone

To rotate the map on an iPhone, simply hold two fingers down on the screen and then move them in a circular motion. This will cause the map to rotate, allowing you to view different angles of your current location or destination. You can also double-tap with two fingers to reset the rotation back to its original position.


In conclusion, rotating Google Maps on a PC is a quick and easy process. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can quickly orient yourself to any area of the world with just a few clicks. Whether you’re trying to plan a route or simply get your bearings in an unfamiliar place, rotating Google Maps makes it easier than ever.

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