How to Take a Good Selfie With Iphone

To take a good selfie with your iPhone, start by finding the best lighting for your picture. Natural light is always ideal if available. Then, adjust the camera settings on your phone to find the most flattering angle and focus for you.

You can also use Portrait Mode or Live Photos to add an extra layer of depth and clarity to your image. Additionally, make sure that all objects in the background are out of focus so they don’t distract from you as the main subject in this photo! Finally, once you have composed a great shot – smile brightly and snap away!

  • Find a Good Background: Choose a background that is aesthetically pleasing and not too cluttered
  • If you are outside, look for a colorful wall or an interesting landscape
  • If indoors, use curtains or other textures to create depth in your photo
  • Adjust the Lighting: Look around for natural light sources such as windows and doors and make sure they are behind you or on either side of you so that it illuminates your face evenly rather than creating harsh shadows across your features
  • You can also adjust the brightness levels in the camera settings if needed
  • Frame Your Shot: Make sure there is enough space above your head so that it doesn’t get cut off in the picture frame, but don’t be afraid to try different angles – take some shots from above and below for more variety! 4
  • Get Ready to Shoot: Activate portrait mode by tapping “Portrait” at the top of your camera screen, then press firmly on the shutter button (or tap anywhere onscreen) to snap your selfie! You can even add filters afterwards if you want extra pizzazz with one touch of a button!

How to Take a Good Selfie When You’Re Not Photogenic

Taking a good selfie when you’re not photogenic can be daunting, but it is possible. The key to success is finding the right angle and lighting. Avoid harsh light that casts unflattering shadows on your face, and instead look for soft or natural light coming from a window or diffused lamp.

You should also experiment with different angles until you find one that works best for your facial features – try tilting your head slightly, angling the camera above eye level, and taking photos from different distances away from the lens. Lastly, don’t forget to smile! Even if you don’t think of yourself as photogenic, smiling will always make for more flattering photographs than not smiling at all.

How to Take a Good Selfie for Guys

Taking a good selfie for guys is all about finding the right lighting, angle, and background. Start by looking for natural light that will give your skin a subtle glow and won’t cast too many shadows or make you look washed out. Then use angles that flatter your face – like slightly above eye level – to create a slimmer silhouette and show off your best features.

Finally, choose an interesting background that adds interest to your image but doesn’t detract from you as the focus of the shot. With these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to take great selfies every time!

Where to Look When Taking a Selfie on Iphone 13

When taking a selfie on an iPhone 13, there are two ways to look when framing the shot. You can either look straight into the camera or use the ‘mirror effect’ by turning your head slightly to one side and looking at yourself in the screen. This will help you capture your best angle for a great selfie!

Hand Gesture to Take Selfie Iphone

If you own an iPhone, you can now take selfies with the help of a hand gesture. The new iOS 12 update has added a feature that enables users to take pictures using their hands as triggers. All you need to do is raise your palm towards the camera and it will detect your hand and automatically start taking photos after a few seconds.

This makes it easier and faster than ever before to capture those perfect shots!

Where to Look When Taking a Selfie on Iphone

When taking a selfie on an iPhone, the best way to get a flattering shot is to look slightly up towards the camera. This will bring out your cheekbones and jawline while also providing some natural shadows that give dimension to your face. You can also adjust the brightness of your phone’s screen by tapping on the sun icon located near the top right corner of your display, which helps you see yourself better and set up a better shot.

How to Take a Good Selfie With Iphone


How Can I Make My Selfies Look Better?

Taking good selfies has become an art form these days. With the help of a few simple tips, you can make sure your selfies look better every time! Firstly, make sure that the lighting is flattering – natural sunlight is always best and if that’s not possible then try to find a spot with plenty of soft light from lamps or overhead lights.

Secondly, check what background items are visible in your selfie – less is more when it comes to backgrounds so make sure any items behind you aren’t detracting from the shot. Thirdly, angle yourself towards the camera slightly and tilt your head for a more interesting composition; this will add depth to your selfie. Finally, use filters on any image editing software or apps such as Instagram or VSCO Cam to give it some extra oomph before posting online!

With these four steps you’ll be taking perfect selfies in no time!

How Do You Hold Your Phone When Taking a Selfie?

When taking a selfie, there are several ways to hold your phone depending on the type of shot you want. If you’re looking for a classic close-up portrait style photo, it is best to hold your phone at arm’s length and angle it slightly downward. This will give the most natural look and avoid any unflattering angles or distorted proportions in the image.

For wide shots with more of yourself included in the frame, it can be helpful to use an extendable selfie stick so that you have more range of motion when angling your phone for the perfect composition. Additionally, if you want creative effects like blurred backgrounds, try holding your phone higher up as this will create more distance between you and whatever is behind you in the image. Experimenting with different angles and distances from your face can help make sure that every selfie looks its best!

How Do You Take a Selfie With an Iphone?

Taking a selfie with an iPhone is easier than ever thanks to the built-in camera and software. All you need to do is open up the Camera app and switch it to “selfie” mode by tapping on the icon in the top right corner of your screen. Once in this mode, you can use your front-facing camera to take photos or videos of yourself.

To make sure everything looks good, you can adjust things like brightness and flash settings before taking the photo or video. You can also add filters, stickers, text, and more after you’ve taken it if desired. After that all that’s left is making sure everyone looks their best for when they hit share!

Which Iphone Mode is Best for Selfies?

The iPhone has become the most popular device for taking selfies and with each new release, Apple adds features to make the selfie experience even better. When it comes to capturing yourself in a flattering light, one of the best modes on your iPhone is Portrait mode. This mode uses Depth Control to blur out the background while keeping you in sharp focus.

It also includes lighting effects that can give a more professional look as well as different angles from which to take your own shot. Additionally, thanks to its high-quality camera sensors and TrueDepth technology, you’ll get clear images no matter what environment you’re shooting in or how dark it may be outside. With these features combined, Portrait mode gives you great control over how your selfies will come out looking and provides an excellent result every time!

Why are My Iphone Selfies So Bad?

Are your iPhone selfies not up to par? Selfies are a popular way of capturing memories, so it can be quite discouraging when you find that the photos you have taken aren’t as good as they could be. There are a few common issues that can cause your iPhone selfies to come out bad, from lighting and focus problems to incorrect exposure settings.

To help improve the quality of your selfies, try utilizing natural light where possible, paying close attention to how far away the camera is from your face, using portrait mode for blurred backgrounds, and playing around with various exposure settings until you get the desired look. With just these simple steps alone, you should start seeing an improvement in the quality of your iPhone selfies!



The tips and tricks provided in this blog post are sure to help you take the perfect selfie with your iPhone. With a few simple adjustments, you can get better lighting, framing and angle for your shot. It’s also important to play around with different settings until you find what works best for you.

Taking good selfies doesn’t have to be complicated; it just takes practice! With these helpful guidelines, taking a great selfie with an iPhone is within reach.

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