How to Turn off Lights on Alienware Laptop

To turn off the lights on an Alienware laptop, first locate the AlienFX lighting control software. This can be found in the Start menu or by searching for it. Once open, select your device from the list of available devices and click “Power” to switch off all of its lighting systems.

To customize individual light settings, simply click on each one separately and adjust its brightness level or color accordingly before clicking “Apply Changes” at the bottom right corner of the window when finished. Additionally, you can also set a schedule to automatically turn off lights at specific times if desired.

  • Locate the power button on your Alienware laptop
  • This is usually located at the top of the keyboard or along one side of its edge
  • Press and hold down the power button for a few seconds until your laptop shuts off completely, indicating that you have successfully turned off all lights on your Alienware laptop
  • If this does not work, unplugging your laptop from any external sources such as an AC adapter or USB cable will also turn off any LED lights associated with those ports, though this may not be necessary depending on what type of lighting is used by your Alienware laptop model

Hoe to turn alienware led lights off

How Do I Turn on the Keyboard Lights on My Alienware Laptop?

Turning on the keyboard lights on your Alienware laptop is easy and straightforward. To begin, make sure your laptop is plugged in and powered up. Then use the keyboard shortcut Fn + F4 to activate the light-up keys.

If this doesn’t work, open up Command Center from the Start Menu or Desktop Icon and look for a tab labeled “Light Up Keyboard” (or similar). Here you will find all available options for customizing your backlit keys – including brightness levels, color selection and more. Simply select what you want and hit “Apply” to save changes – it’s that simple!

If you ever need to switch off again just press Fn + F4 once more or access Light Up Keyboard in Command Center again to turn them off completely. With just a few clicks of a button, you can now enjoy illuminated typing sessions no matter where you are!

How Do I Turn on My Alienware Led Lights?

If you have an Alienware laptop, chances are it has some pretty cool LED lights that can be used to customize your gaming experience. Turning on the LED lights is a relatively straightforward process, but depending on your laptop model and settings may vary slightly. First, locate the “AlienFX” icon in your taskbar or system tray; this will open up the Alienware Command Center software.

Once opened, select the “Lighting” tab which will allow you to control all of your lighting options. From here you can easily turn on and off individual lights or even customize them with different colors and effects. If for whatever reason you cannot find these options in the Command Center then simply press FN+F4 (or whichever key combination is listed) to bring up a separate lighting menu where again you can adjust all of your LEDs as desired.

By following these steps, turning on those awesome LED lights should be no problem!

How Do I Turn off the Keyboard Light on My Alienware M15?

If you have an Alienware m15 laptop and the keyboard light is too bright for your liking, there are a few different ways to turn it off. The easiest way is to simply hit the F7 key on your keyboard, which will toggle the lighting off and on. You can also adjust the brightness of your backlighting by pressing Fn + Right arrow or Left arrow keys repeatedly until you reach your desired level.

Lastly, if you want to completely disable all backlighting, open up Command Center > Lighting tab > Light Effects section > Keyboard Backlight Off option. This should turn off all illumination from the keyboard but keep in mind that this may affect other lighting effects like ambient lighting so make sure these settings are adjusted as well before disabling them completely.

How Do I Set My Alienware Lights?

When it comes to setting up the lights on your Alienware laptop, the process is surprisingly simple! All of the Alienware computers come with a program called “AlienFX” that allows you to customize and control the lighting on your system. The first step is to plug in or turn on all of your peripheral devices – such as any external keyboards, mouses, etc.

Once those are connected, open up AlienFX and select which areas of your computer you want to light up and configure: keyboard, touchpad/trackpad area, logo and power button. From there you can pick from an array of pre-set colors for each zone or create custom color combinations using RGB values. You can also set how long each effect will last before changing along with other effects like pulsing lights or rainbow cycles.

Finally when finished click save changes in order to apply them immediately – allowing you take full control over how your computer looks both inside and out!

How to Turn off Lights on Alienware Laptop


Alienware Command Center

The Alienware Command Center is a powerful and intuitive application that helps you manage your Alienware PC’s performance. It enables you to customize settings such as overclocking, lighting, game profiles and more. Additionally, it provides easy access to system information such as temperature, memory usage, fan speeds and network connections.

With its simple user interface and robust features, the Alienware Command Center makes it easier than ever to get the most out of your gaming experience!

Alienware X17 Turn off Lights

If you’re looking for a way to customize the look of your Alienware X17 laptop, you can turn off the lights. This is done by pressing Fn+F4 on your keyboard, which will deactivate all lighting effects and make your device darker. You can also use Alienware Command Center software to control individual lighting zones and adjust the intensity for more personalized looks.

How to Turn on Keyboard Lights on Alienware Laptop

If you have an Alienware laptop, turning on the keyboard lights can be a great way to personalize your laptop and make it easier to type in dimly lit areas. To turn on the keyboard lights, simply press the “Fn” key located at the bottom left of your keyboard in combination with either the right or left arrow key. This will activate a light icon which means that your keyboard is now illuminated!

Alienware Laptop Lights Wont Turn off

If you’re having trouble getting your Alienware laptop’s lights to turn off, it could be due to a few things. First, make sure that the “AlienFX” software is up-to-date and installed properly on your system. Then check if the lighting settings are set to “enabled”.

If all else fails, try unplugging the power cable from your laptop and then plugging it back in. This should reset the lights so they can function normally again.

Alienware Laptop Keyboard Lights Control

Alienware laptops give you the ability to customize your gaming experience with its keyboard lighting. You can control the brightness, color and animation of the backlit keys using Alienware Command Center software. It allows you to choose from multiple colors or even create your own custom lighting effects for an immersive gaming session.

With this feature, you can easily enhance your gaming atmosphere and enjoy a truly personalized experience on your Alienware laptop.

Alienware Command Center Download

The Alienware Command Center is a powerful software suite designed to help optimize your gaming experience. With it, you can customize game settings and control various aspects of your systems’ performance, including overclocking options. The Command Center also allows users to access helpful tools such as system diagnostics and visual point-of-view streaming capabilities for their laptop or desktop.

The latest version of the command center can be downloaded free from Dell’s website, allowing gamers everywhere to maximize their gaming potential with a few clicks!

Alienware Light Control

Alienware Light Control is a software application that allows users to customize the LED lighting on their Alienware laptop. It provides an easy way to change color and brightness, as well as create custom patterns or sequences of lights. It also offers access to thousands of free presets created by other gamers, making it easy for anyone to get creative with their laptop’s look.

Alienware M15 Turn off Keyboard Lights

If you want to temporarily turn off the keyboard lights on your Alienware M15, there are a few easy steps. First, press and hold the Fn key and then tap the F4 key at the same time. This will instantly dim or switch off the keyboard lights.

You can also adjust the brightness of these lights by pressing and holding down Fn + F3/F4 keys simultaneously until you have reached a desired level of brightness.


Thanks to this blog post, you now know how to turn off lights on your Alienware laptop. Whether it’s for the sake of conserving energy or just because you don’t like the look of them, it’s an easy process that can be done in a few simple steps. With these instructions, you can now enjoy using your Alienware laptop without worrying about unnecessary lighting.

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