How To Unlock Apollyon Binding Of Isaac

In order to unlock Apollyon in The Binding of Isaac, players must first complete the game’s Cathedral level. This is done by completing all seven levels of the Cathedral and then defeating the boss that awaits at its end. Once this has been achieved, a door will appear in the bottom-right corner of Sheol which leads to Apollyon’s chamber.

Upon entering this room and defeating Apollyon, players are rewarded with special items or unlocks depending on their playthrough. After clearing these challenges and unlocking Apollyon, you can continue playing through new areas or challenge yourself even further by taking on additional bosses and levels within The Binding of Isaac.

  • Step 1: Start up the game
  • Once you have loaded The Binding of Isaac, Apollyon will be locked and inaccessible
  • Step 2: Collect enough hearts
  • To unlock Apollyon, you must collect a total of 15 red hearts in any single playthrough of the game
  • Step 3: Look for the angel room door
  • After collecting the required number of hearts, an angel room door will appear somewhere on your current level (eighth floor)
  • Entering this door will transport you to a special chamber where Apollyon awaits
  • Step 4: Defeat Apollyon’s challenges
  • In order to unlock him as a playable character, you must defeat three challenging mini-bosses before fighting Apollyon himself
  • Once all four fights are complete, he is unlocked forever!

How To Unlock Apollyon Binding of Isaac Repentance [EASY!]

Is Apollyon Good Binding of Isaac?

Apollyon is a fan-favorite character in the popular indie game, The Binding of Isaac. He has been part of the franchise since its very first installment and continues to be one of the most recognizable characters in the series. Apollyon’s signature move is his angelic wings which he uses to fly around obstacles and quickly reach enemies before they can react.

His special ability also allows him to shoot powerful projectiles which easily take out whole waves of foes at once. Furthermore, Apollyon has an impressive arsenal of items that make him even more formidable when fighting against bosses or hordes of monsters. Some examples include magical bombs and other powerful weapons exclusive to this character.

How Do You Unlock the Void in Binding of Isaac?

The Void is a mysterious area in The Binding of Isaac that can only be accessed by unlocking it. To unlock the Void, you must collect four different types of items: two keys, a bomb and an angel room item. The two keys will open special doors with skull symbols on them which are found throughout the game world; these doors lead to the Void.

You’ll also need a bomb to blow up rocks blocking your way into the Void itself. Finally, one of the Angel Room items (either Dead Cat or 1UP) will grant access to the last door leading inside, allowing you entry into this secret realm within Binding of Isaac. Once inside, you’ll find exclusive enemies and bosses as well as powerful items that cannot be obtained anywhere else in-game.

Unlocking and exploring The Void offers players new challenges and rewards for those brave enough to take them on!

How Do You Unlock Isaac in The Binding of Isaac?

If you want to unlock Isaac in The Binding of Isaac, it’s actually quite easy. All you need to do is complete the game on Normal difficulty – this means beating all 8 of the main levels and then defeating Mom. Once you’ve done that, a cutscene will appear which unlocks Isaac for play in any mode beyond Normal!

It’s worth noting that some characters have special unlock requirements too; for example, Azazel requires unlocking all other characters before he can be played. In addition, there are also secret characters who require special conditions to be met before they can be unlocked – these generally involve completing various challenges or collecting certain items throughout the game.

What Does the Void Do in Isaac?

In the game The Binding of Isaac, the Void is a unique item that players can use to their advantage. It functions as an extra inventory slot for any items that you don’t want in your backpack. This allows players to carry more items than they normally would be able to hold and make room for special items like bombs or keys.

When activated, the Void will suck up all nearby pickups and store them within itself until it’s full. Once filled, it won’t be able to take anymore pickups until some are taken out from within it. Additionally, activating the Void will clear away any enemies on screen which can be used tactically in order to gain an edge over opponents during fights.

The Void also has a few other uses such as being able to open secret doors or activate certain switches depending on what type of item is stored inside of it at any given time. Overall, The Binding Of Isaac’s void item proves to be an invaluable asset when exploring dungeons or battling bosses due its versatile nature and practicality in many different scenarios throughout the game!

How To Unlock Apollyon Binding Of Isaac


How to Unlock Apollyon Color

If you want to unlock the Apollyon color for your vehicle, you will need to purchase a special paint job from the in-game store. This can be done by navigating to the ‘Customization’ tab and selecting ‘Paint Jobs’. Once purchased, simply apply it within the game’s garage menu and it will unlock Apollyon as an available color option.

How to Unlock Judas Binding of Isaac

If you’re looking to unlock Judas in The Binding of Isaac, the first step is to beat the game on Normal mode. Once that’s done, you’ll need to find a special key that unlocks the secret level where Judas awaits. You can typically find this key by completing various puzzles and exploring different rooms within each stage.

Once you’ve located the key and unlocked Judas’ lair, all that remains is defeating him in battle!

Binding of Isaac Apollyon Not Unlocked

Apollyon is a powerful boss in the video game The Binding of Isaac, however he cannot be unlocked by simply playing through the game. To get this character, players must complete all achievements available within the game and then collect three different items from various levels. With these items, they can unlock Apollyon as a playable character with an immense amount of power to help them on their journey.

Apollyon Isaac Tips

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Apollyon Angel

The Apollyon Angel is a creature from the ancient Greek mythology. It was described as an enormous, winged and horned angel that would bring destruction to the world and herald a new era of chaos. The Apollyon Angel is often seen as linked to the apocalypse or some kind of great cosmic battle between good and evil forces.

In recent times, it has become associated with various dark spiritual entities including Satan himself.


This post has provided a comprehensive overview of how to unlock Apollyon in the Binding of Isaac. By keeping track of your progress and completing each step, players can obtain this powerful character and gain access to new levels and experiences. With this knowledge, all that remains is for gamers to fully explore the depths of what Apollyon has to offer!

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