What Happened to Anthony Oneal on Dave Ramsey

In June 2020, Dave Ramsey announced that Anthony ONeal had left his company as a result of personal financial struggles. ONeal was the author of “The Graduate Survival Guide” and also served as Ramsey Solutions’ Chief Financial Officer and College Relations Director. He had been with the company since 2006.

Ramsey said he asked ONeal to leave after discovering he hadn’t followed through on paying off debt from college loans and other debts. In addition, it became clear that ONeal had failed to follow some basic principles about money management which were in stark contrast to what Ramsey preaches on a daily basis to millions of people across the country. ONeal apologized for his mistakes and admitted he could have handled things better than he did.

Anthony O’Neal, a financial literacy expert and host of the popular radio show The Dave Ramsey Show, recently made headlines for his decision to leave the show after 15 years. While he didn’t give any specific reasons for his departure, it appears that Anthony wanted to take some time away from the spotlight in order to focus on other projects. It’s estimated that Anthony has helped millions of people get out of debt and make sound financial decisions with his advice over the years, so we will miss him on Dave Ramsey!

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Who Has Left The Dave Ramsey Show?

Recently, the Dave Ramsey Show has experienced a major shakeup in its hosting team. After being a part of the show since its inception 25 years ago, co-host and producer Rachel Cruze is leaving her role at The Dave Ramsey Show to pursue other opportunities. Her father and the show’s namesake host, Dave Ramsey, made an announcement on his website that Rachel was stepping away from her long-time position as co-host after completing more than 1,000 episodes with him over the past decade.

Although he will miss having his daughter by his side on air every day for two hours of radio programming each weekday morning, he also expressed pride in watching her grow both professionally and personally throughout their time together on air. In addition to Rachel’s departure from The Dave Ramsey Show , longtime Twitter correspondent Chris Hogan will be taking over as Ramsay’s official co-host beginning April 12th . With Hogan now filling Cruze’s spot alongside Ramsay weekdays from 10am – 12pm CST (8 am -10 am PST), we can expect to continue hearing about money management tactics through this dynamic duo for many years to come!

Did Christy Wright Leave Ramsey Solutions?

Christy Wright, a long-time Ramsey Solutions team member and its vice president of business coaching, has left the company. After more than 10 years with Ramsey Solutions, Christy made the decision to pursue other opportunities that would allow her to better serve small business owners worldwide. During her time at Ramsey Solutions she played an integral role in growing their Business Coaching Division into one of the premier resources for entrepreneurs across the United States.

She was also instrumental in developing and launching products such as Financial Peace University and EntreLeadership which have helped countless individuals and businesses become financially fit. While Christy will be missed by her colleagues at Ramsey Solutions, they are excited for her future endeavors and wish her all the best in this next step of growth.

How Much Do the Ramsey Personalities Make?

The Ramsey personalities, made up of television star and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, his wife Tana Ramsay, their four children – Megan, Holly, Jack and Matilda – are estimated to have a combined net worth of around £170 million. This fortune is largely due to the success of Gordon’s restaurants and TV shows over the years. He has earned an impressive amount from his many successful cooking programs such as Hell’s Kitchen (UK & USA), MasterChef (UK & USA) and Hotel Hell.

His UK restaurant empire alone is valued at around £100 million with partnerships in London, Las Vegas and Singapore; he also owns several other businesses including a production company which produces all his TV shows. In addition to this wealth generated by Gordon’s business ventures Tana has been involved in her own projects such as co-writing cookbooks with her husband as well as launching her own fashion line called MrsRamsayStyle. The couple’s four children are also making money from various sources: Megan is signed to Storm Models Management while Holly appears on reality show Made In Chelsea; Jack owns a food delivery service called Deliveroo; Matilda runs two YouTube channels where she shares recipes for homemade dishes.

All in all it’s safe to say that the Ramsey family makes plenty of money!

Where is Christy Wright Now?

Christy Wright is an American entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker. She began her career as a successful business consultant but soon transitioned into the world of personal development and leadership coaching. Today, Christy continues to empower individuals around the globe through her books, seminars and workshops.

Her most recent book “Business Boutique” was released in 2017 by HarperCollins Leadership. In addition to that she has also created multiple online courses with Ramsay Media including “The Total Package” which focuses on small business success strategies as well as “Women Who Ignite” which focuses on inspiring stories from women who have reached amazing heights in their lives despite facing incredible odds. Additionally, Christy hosts her podcast called The Business Boutique Show where she shares more tips for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses and improve themselves personally.

Furthermore, Christy regularly appears on news networks such as Fox News Channel & Bloomberg Television giving expert advice about entrepreneurship and financial literacy topics making it easier for people to create a life they love while relying upon reliable information sources. Currently based out of Nashville Tennessee even though she travels extensively throughout the United States speaking at conferences & corporate events; you can keep up-to-date with all things Christy Wright by subscribing to her website or following her social media accounts!

What Ever Happened to Chris Hogan?

Chris Hogan was a name that many people in the sports world knew at one point. He was an NFL wide receiver and special teams player who had some success early on in his career. He started off with the San Francisco 49ers, playing for them from 2011 to 2014 before moving onto the New England Patriots, where he played from 2015-2018 and won two Super Bowls.

However, he hasn’t been seen in the NFL since 2018 and there have been no updates on what has happened to him ever since then. Many speculated that he may have retired or chosen to move away from football entirely, but there has never been any confirmation of this fact by Chris himself or anyone connected with him. Whatever happened to him remains a mystery even today – it is unclear if we will ever find out what became of Chris Hogan after his departure from the NFL back in 2018.

What Happened to Anthony Oneal on Dave Ramsey

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Did Anthony O’Neal Leave Ramsey Solutions

Anthony O’Neal left Ramsey Solutions in 2019 after more than a decade of service. He had served as Vice President of Financial Peace University, an arm of the company that teaches people how to be financially responsible and get out of debt. His departure was officially announced by Dave Ramsey, founder and CEO of Ramsey Solutions, who stated that he “couldn’t be prouder” for all Anthony had accomplished during his tenure with the organization.

What is Anthony O’Neal Doing Now

Anthony O’Neal currently works as a financial literacy expert and author. He is the host of his own podcast, Debt Free or Die Trying, which focuses on helping people get out of debt and build wealth. In addition to his podcast, he has written several books on personal finance, including “Debt-Free Degree”, “Money Matters” and “The Graduate Survival Guide”.

He is also the founder of the Financial Literacy Movement, an organization dedicated to inspiring individuals to take control of their finances.

Why Did Anthony Oneal Left Ramsey

Anthony Oneal left Ramsey because he wanted to pursue a career in the financial advising industry, which was different from his work at Ramsey Solutions. He also desired to have more freedom and flexibility with his own business venture. Additionally, Anthony wished to have direct control over his time and resources so that he could focus on helping people achieve their financial goals.

Ultimately, he decided that starting his own company would provide him with the best opportunity for success.

Ramsey Personalities That Left

The Ramsey personalities that left the show included iconic figures such as Gordon Ramsay himself, Mary Portas, and Gino D’Acampo. Each of these individuals brought unique perspectives to their respective roles on the series, helping shape its success over the years. While they are no longer part of the show, fans can still appreciate their contributions to making it an entertaining and informative program.

Christy Wright Dave Ramsey

Christy Wright is a business coach and author who has partnered with Dave Ramsey to help people become financially successful. She hosts the Business Boutique podcast, which helps women turn their passions into profits, and she is also a frequent guest on The Dave Ramsey Show. Christy believes everyone should have access to the tools and resources they need to achieve financial freedom, so she created Financial Fitness online courses that teach people how to budget, invest for retirement and save for emergencies.

Former Ramsey Personalities

The town of Ramsey, New Jersey has been home to many notable personalities over the years. Some of its most famous former residents include singer/songwriter Bruce Springsteen, NFL quarterback Joe Theismann and actress Meryl Streep. Other celebrities hailing from the small borough include authors Stephen King and Mary Higgins Clark, Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis, actor Michael Douglas and comedian Bill Burr.

Ramsey is also known for being the birthplace of several professional sports teams including Major League Soccer’s MetroStars (now NY Red Bulls) and NHL’s New Jersey Devils.

Anthony Oneal Dave Ramsey Net Worth

Anthony O’Neal is a financial expert and the host of The Dave Ramsey Show. He has worked alongside Dave Ramsey since 2003, helping people get out of debt and stay on track with their finances. As a result, he has become quite successful himself, with an estimated net worth of $2 million dollars.


This blog post has highlighted the story of Anthony O’Neal, who started his financial journey with Dave Ramsey’s advice and ended up becoming a successful personal finance expert himself. It is clear from this post that following Dave Ramsey’s methods can be incredibly beneficial for individuals looking to get their finances in order, as it was for Anthony O’Neal. His success story serves as an example of how taking control of your money and making wise decisions can lead to great things.

With the right guidance and commitment, anyone can find themselves on a path towards financial freedom like Anthony O’Neal did.

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