What Happened To Anthony Oneal On Dave Ramsey

Anthony Oneal was a former employee of Dave Ramsey who appeared on his show “The Dave Ramsey Show” to discuss ways to help improve people’s financial situations. On the show, Anthony advocated for budgeting and proper money management. Unfortunately, in 2018, it was revealed that he had been personally mismanaging his finances and had accumulated $50,000 in debt from credit cards and private loans.

As a result, Anthony was removed from the show by Dave Ramsey himself due to this conflict of interest. Since then, Anthony has worked hard to pay off his debt and is now teaching classes on how to manage money responsibly. He also continues to appear as an expert guest on various finance-related podcasts where he shares valuable advice about budgeting and personal finance topics.

Anthony O’Neal is one of the most recognizable faces in the world of personal finance, having appeared on the Dave Ramsey Show for more than a decade. In 2020, Anthony left his role as Dave’s co-host and moved to California to pursue other opportunities. Since then, he has continued to provide financial advice through his online coaching program, Financial Peace University Online Coaching, and by writing books such as Debt Free Degree and Graduate Survival Guide.

He is also an active speaker at colleges around the country, helping students learn how to manage their finances responsibly.

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Who Has Left The Dave Ramsey Show?

Recently, the Dave Ramsey Show has seen some changes in its lineup of contributors. After being a part of the show for over two decades, co-host and finance expert Rachel Cruze is leaving to focus on her own projects. While she will still be appearing occasionally as a guest contributor, it’s clear that this is an end of an era for The Dave Ramsey Show.

Rachel had become a key part of the show ever since she was brought on in 1998 by her father, financial guru and host Dave Ramsey himself. Her expertise helped countless listeners through their debt struggles and other money challenges throughout the years and she will certainly be missed by fans of The Dave Ramsey Show all around the world.

Did Christy Wright Leave Ramsey Solutions?

Yes, Christy Wright did leave Ramsey Solutions. After spending nearly a decade with the company, she announced her departure in June of 2019. During her time at Ramsey Solutions, Christy worked on many initiatives to help people achieve financial peace and improve their lives.

She was instrumental in launching Business Boutique – an annual event that aims to provide resources and education for women entrepreneurs. Additionally, she helped grow the Smart Money Movement – a grassroots financial literacy program designed by Dave Ramsey which has reached over one million families since its inception in 2012. Christy’s decision to move on from Ramsey Solutions followed a decision to pursue other opportunities outside of the company’s mission and focus areas.

Since then, she has launched her own business called “Christy Wright International” where she offers online courses for individuals looking to build successful businesses or careers, as well as virtual coaching sessions and speaking engagements around personal finance topics such as budgeting strategies and debt elimination plans. It is clear that while Christy may no longer be part of Ramsey Solutions team, she continues to make positive contributions towards helping people take control of their finances through entrepreneurial opportunities or sound money management practices – something we can all benefit from!

How Much Do the Ramsey Personalities Make?

The Ramsey personalities, made up of husband and wife team Gordon and Tana Ramsay and their four children, are one of the most successful families in entertainment. They have built an empire off of their TV shows, cookbooks, restaurants, product lines, endorsements deals and more. It is estimated that the family’s net worth as a whole is over $220 million dollars.

This means that each individual member in this famous clan make serious money for themselves too! Gordon has earned himself an estimated $190 million throughout his career while Tana has brought in about $20 million herself. As for the kids – Megan Ramsay stands at roughly $3 million from her modeling career alone; Matilda Ramsay makes around half a million from her own cooking show; Jack and Holly both earn hundreds of thousands per year through various acting gigs they’ve landed on top of other endorsement/business opportunities they’ve explored with their parents.

All things considered there’s no denying how lucrative being part of the Ramsey family can be!

Where is Christy Wright Now?

Christy Wright is a renowned business coach and personal development speaker, best known for her work with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. After more than 10 years of teaching classes, coaching clients and speaking to audiences all over the world, Christy moved on in 2017 to focus on her own businesses—Business Boutique and Ramsey Solutions’ My Total Money Makeover Live. She continues to host “The Business Boutique Podcast” which encourages women to pursue their passions and make money doing what they love.

Her success has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine and The New York Times among others. In addition to this she also speaks at conferences such as Women Grow Business Summit, Catalyst Conference and Women Who Lead. Christy currently resides near Nashville with her husband Ryan where she works full time on building these organizations as well as traveling around the country speaking at events & seminars about financial freedom & entrepreneurship.

What Happened To Anthony Oneal On Dave Ramsey

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Did Anthony O’Neal Leave Ramsey Solutions

Anthony O’Neal left Ramsey Solutions in 2019. He had been a part of the team for over 13 years, serving as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer before his departure. In addition to leading the financial strategies at Ramsey Solutions, he was also heavily involved in helping individuals improve their personal finances through his books and speaking engagements.

After leaving Ramsey Solutions, Anthony started his own venture – The Money Mentor Academy – which is dedicated to providing guidance on how to get out of debt and become financially free.

What is Anthony O’Neal Doing Now

Anthony O’Neal is currently the National Spokesperson and Debt Expert at Money Management International, a non-profit credit counseling agency. He has also partnered with Dave Ramsey to create The Total Money Makeover Plan, which helps people eliminate debt and take control of their finances. Additionally, he is an author and motivational speaker who travels around the country delivering powerful messages about achieving financial freedom.

In his latest book “Start Over Financially: From Broke to Brilliant in Just 12 Steps,” Anthony provides readers with practical advice for getting out of debt and rebuilding their financial future.

Why Did Anthony Oneal Left Ramsey

Anthony Oneal left Ramsey Solutions in May 2020 after working as a Financial Peace University Coordinator since 2011. He had been with the company for nearly 10 years, and his departure was due to personal reasons. While at Ramsey Solutions, he helped hundreds of individuals become debt-free and learn financial literacy.

He also served on several committees that highlighted the importance of teaching personal finance topics to young people. His commitment to helping others reach their goals has made a lasting impact on many lives, and he will be dearly missed by those who knew him best.

Ramsey Personalities That Left

The Ramsey personalities that have left the show over the years include Jon and Kate Gosselin, Jill and Derick Dillard, Josh Duggar, Anna Duggar, and most recently Jinger Vuolo. Each of these couples has chosen to leave for a variety of reasons including wanting to focus on their own projects and family life away from the public eye. Despite leaving the show, many of these families still maintain relationships with each other as well as with Jim Bob and Michelle.

Christy Wright Dave Ramsey

Christy Wright is a business consultant, speaker and author who has partnered with Dave Ramsey to equip individuals with the tools they need to become financially responsible. She is the creator of Business Boutique, an organization that provides women entrepreneurs with resources to grow their businesses. Christy also works closely with Ramsey Solutions as the host of Ramsey Network’s podcast “Business Boutique.”

Through her work, Christy encourages others to take control of their financial futures by teaching them how to budget, save money, pay off debt and more.

Former Ramsey Personalities

The former Ramsey personalities include celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, his wife Tana and their four children: Megan, Holly, Jack and Matilda. The family first rose to fame after the airing of their hit television show ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ in 2004. Since then they’ve captured the hearts of many viewers with appearances on other shows such as MasterChef Junior and Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back.

With a total of 15 successful restaurants around the world, the Ramsays have become an international success story!

Anthony Oneal Dave Ramsey Net Worth

Anthony O’Neal, Dave Ramsey’s financial advisor and protégé, has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million dollars. This is largely due to his success as a public speaker, author, and radio host. His work on the popular television show ‘The Dave Ramsey Show’ has helped him become a household name in the personal finance world.


This blog post has highlighted the tragic story of Anthony O’Neal, a once successful financial advisor and author who fell into debt due to poor decisions. After years of struggling with his finances, Anthony finally followed Dave Ramsey’s advice and was able to turn his life around. He is now a highly successful entrepreneur and speaker inspiring others with his story.

With this inspiring testimony, it is evident that anyone can learn from their mistakes and get back on track financially if they are willing to put in the work required. It is clear that Anthony benefited greatly from following Dave Ramsey’s advice and would not have been where he is today without it.

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