What Happened to Stephen Colbert’S Drummer

On April 14, 2009, the drummer for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz, announced that he was leaving the show. He had been playing drums for Colbert since 2005 when The Colbert Report first aired. Schwartz cited a desire to pursue other musical opportunities and his wish to move back home to Arizona as reasons for his departure.

He said in an interview that although he will miss working with Stephen and everyone associated with the show, it was time for him to move on. Since then, there has been no news of who will be replacing him on the show or what direction they may take musically without him.

On August 15th, 2017, Stephen Colbert’s beloved drummer Jon Batiste announced that he was leaving the show after nearly four years. Soon after, fans around the world were curious to find out what had happened to him and why he left. To this day there has not been any official statement released about his departure from “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” or where he may have gone afterwards; however it is speculated by some that he moved on to a new project in music or theater production.

Whatever happened to Jon Batiste remains a mystery but his time as part of the show will always be remembered fondly by viewers everywhere who enjoyed watching him perform every night on television.

The Late Show's Drummer Is Getting A Spinoff: 'Jazz Cowboy'

Does Stephen Colbert Have a New Drummer?

Recently, fans of late night talk show host Stephen Colbert have been wondering if he has a new drummer. After all, the band that accompanies him on his show has been around since 2005 and it seemed like time for a change. Well, we can finally confirm that yes, Stephen Colbert does indeed have a new drummer!

His name is Jon Theodore and he’s an experienced musician who has played with some of the biggest names in rock music from Queens of the Stone Age to The Mars Volta. He brings a lot of energy to the stage and fits perfectly into the style of music that Colbert plays on his show. We think fans are going to love this addition as much as we do!

What Happened to the Drum Player on Stephen Colbert Show?

On a recent episode of the Stephen Colbert show, the drum player had an unfortunate accident. During a comedic segment in which Colbert was playing the drums, he accidentally hit the drummer’s foot with one of the sticks. The drummer immediately jumped up and yelled out in pain as Colbert apologized profusely for his mistake.

After medical personnel checked on him, it was determined that he had broken his foot from the impact of Colbert’s stick. Fortunately, after being taken to a hospital for further treatment and evaluation, it appears that he will make a full recovery soon enough from this injury – though he’ll be wearing a cast for some time! We wish him all well during his recovery process and hope to see him back on stage soon!

Why Did the Drummer Change on Stephen Colbert?

The recent change in drummers for Stephen Colbert’s show has left many viewers scratching their heads. The original drummer, Jonathan Batiste, was a key part of the show’s overall sound and energy, as well as its musical guests. However, after close to ten years of service, he decided to move on from his role with the show and go off on his own journey.

His replacement is none other than Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson – an incredibly talented musician who brings an entirely new flavor to Stephen Colbert’s already outstanding live band. With Questlove at the helm of the drums now, we can expect exciting changes in terms of both rhythms and beats that will surely delight dedicated fans around the world. In addition to adding new elements to existing songs or performances by guest musicians, Questlove also brings a wealth of knowledge about improvisation so that no two shows are ever quite alike!

We can’t wait to see what this dynamic duo creates together!

Where was the Drummer from Stephen Colbert?

The drummer from Stephen Colbert is none other than the talented and multi-talented Jon Batiste. Born in Kenner, Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans in 1986, he had an early start to music as his father was a professional trumpet player who taught him how to play various instruments at an early age. He began playing professionally by the time he was just ten years old!

Throughout his career, Batiste has performed with some of the biggest names in jazz and funk including Wynton Marsalis, Dr. John and Herbie Hancock among many others. In addition to performing live shows around the world, he also released several studio albums which feature a variety of styles spanning jazz fusion to soulful R&B and even hip hop. As Stephen Colbert’s house bandleader since 2015 on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (CBS), Batiste continues to impress audiences everywhere with his powerful drumming abilities that have helped make this show one of late night television’s most popular programs today!

What Happened to Stephen Colbert'S Drummer

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What Happened to Stephen Colbert’S New Band Leader

In July of 2019, Stephen Colbert announced that his new bandleader for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert would be Jon Batiste. However, in October of 2020, it was reported that Batiste had stepped down as the show’s band leader and had been replaced by Stay Human musician Cory Henry. While there has been no official comment from either Colbert or Batiste regarding the change, fans are speculating that this could have something to do with a desire to move away from traditional late night talk show formats.

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The story of Stephen Colbert’s drummer is a unique one, and it shows how much musicians value their craft. It also highlights the power of social media to connect people and make dreams come true. This blog post has shown that even after years apart, two talented musicians can still find each other though their shared passion for music.

No matter what life may throw at us, our passions are always something we can carry with us and bring joy into our lives.

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