Where is the Utilities Folder on Iphone

The Utilities folder on an iPhone is located in the App Library. To access it, open up the App Store and tap on the “Utilities” icon. It is usually found at the bottom of the screen in this section and can contain a variety of apps such as calculators, timers, dictionaries, and other useful tools.

Apps that are located here will not appear on your home screen like regular apps do but they can still be used from within this folder. The utilities folder generally contains Apple provided applications only; however some third-party app developers may have created their own versions of utilities programs to put into this section if you wish to explore more options than what’s already offered by Apple itself.

The Utilities Folder on iPhone is located at the bottom of your Home screen. It contains all of your phone’s built-in apps, such as Calculator, Voice Memos, and Compass. You can access this folder to quickly find an app you need or to move icons around your Home page.

This is a convenient way to organize your device and make sure that only the apps you need are visible on your Home page.

Where is the Utilities Folder on Iphone 8

The utility folder on Iphone 8 can be found in the Settings app. It is located under the General tab and then look for the Utilities option. In this folder you will find options such as Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb, Personal Hotspot, Cellular Data Usage, Battery Health and more.

With these utilities you can help to manage your phone’s settings and customize it according to your needs.

Where is Utilities Folder on Iphone 12

The Utilities folder on the iPhone 12 can be found in the App Library, which is located at the far right of your Home Screen pages. You can swipe over to access this folder and it will contain apps such as Calculator, Clock, Voice Memos, Compass, Wallet and Health that are pre-installed on your device.

Where is Utilities Folder on Iphone 13

The Utilities folder on iPhone 13 can be found by swiping right from the home screen to access the Search page, then typing in “Utilities” and tapping on the corresponding search result. This will bring you directly to a folder containing all of your device’s utilities such as Notes, Reminders, Clock, Calculator and other pre-installed apps.

Where is the Utilities Folder on Iphone 11

The Utilities Folder on an iPhone 11 is located within the App Library. To access it, swipe right to left on the Home Screen until you see a folder labelled “Utilities” which will contain all of your device’s utility apps such as Calculator, Voice Memos and Compass.

Where is Utilities on Iphone Photos

The Utilities folder on iPhone Photos can be found by selecting the Albums tab at the bottom of your screen. Inside this folder, you will find all of your frequently used photos and videos organized into folders such as screenshots, self-portraits, panoramas, slow-motion videos and more. You can also sort by location or date to easily access any photo or video that is important to you.

Where is the Utilities Folder on Iphone

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Why Can’T I See Utilities Program on My Iphone?

If you’ve recently purchased an iPhone, you may have noticed that the Utilities program is not available on your device. This can be confusing and frustrating for new users who are expecting to find certain apps or features like a calculator, calendar, or other programs pre-installed. Unfortunately, Apple does not include any utilities in their iOS operating system for iPhones.

While there are some third-party applications available to download from the App Store that provide similar functions as those found in Windows PCs and Macs, they require manual installation by the user before they can be used. Additionally, many of these alternatives cost money and may not offer all of the features included with traditional desktop software packages. It’s also important to note that while Apple provides basic functionality such as contacts management or setting alarms through its Clock app, it does not currently provide access to full-featured tools like a word processor or spreadsheet editor unless you purchase additional apps from outside sources.

What Apps are Considered Utilities on Iphone?

There are many apps available on the iPhone that provide helpful, everyday utilities. From tracking your health and fitness progress to editing photos or keeping up with what’s happening in the world, there’s an app for almost anything you can imagine. The best part is that many of these apps are free – so you don’t have to break the bank just to get some handy utility tools.

To help you out, here’s a list of some of the most popular utility apps available on iPhones: Health & Fitness Apps – From tracking your daily activity levels to helping monitor your nutrition intake, there are plenty of health and fitness-related apps out there such as MyFitnessPal or Fitbit that make it easy to stay healthy and fit. Photo Editing Apps – Whether you’re looking for a basic photo editor like Snapseed or something more advanced like Adobe Lightroom Mobile, there are tons of great photo editing options available on iPhones. News Apps – If staying up-to-date with current events is important to you then check out one of the many news aggregator apps like Google News or Flipboard which pull content from hundreds (if not thousands) of different sources around the globe so you can quickly scan headlines without having to search multiple websites individually.

Utilities such as these can be incredibly useful no matter who you are; whether it’s managing your finances better or knowing exactly how far away from home base when travelling – they make life easier!

Where is the Deleted Utilities Folder on Iphone?

The Utilities folder on an iPhone is located in the top-level directory, usually at the bottom of your home screen. It contains a variety of apps and utilities that you may not be aware of, such as Calculator, Compass, Magnifier, Voice Memos and many more. Unfortunately, this folder can get deleted by accident or during an iOS update.

If that has happened to you don’t worry! You can easily find it again. To do so head over to Settings > General > Restrictions and tap “On” next to Allow All Apps & Features.

This will reveal a list of all apps which are hidden from view in your Home Screen – including any deleted Utilities folders. Simply select the ones you want back into your Home Screen and they’ll be added straight away!

How Do I Change Utilities on My Iphone?

If you’re looking to change the settings for your phone’s utilities, such as your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Cellular Data connection on an iPhone device then you have come to the right place. To be able to make any changes in these utility settings of your iPhone device, it is important that you know how to access them through your mobile network. First and foremost, it is necessary that you open up the Settings app within iOS.

Once this application has been opened up, look towards the left side of the screen and select “Cellular” from among all other options. This will bring up a list of all available cellular networks which can be accessed by your device at any given time. When selecting each one individually, there are various options which can be changed depending on what type of network it is (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Cellular).

For instance, if a user wishes to change their Wi-Fi settings they would need to tap on “Wi-Fi Networks” under Cellular and then follow instructions provided in order to configure whatever changes are required for their current network connection. The same process applies when attempting make adjustments within Bluetooth or Cellular Data connections as well – simply select each option accordingly and go through steps mentioned above until desired outcome has been achieved!

How To Create a New Folder On iPhone


In conclusion, the Utilities folder is an important tool for organizing and managing apps on your iPhone. It can be found in the App Library at the bottom of your Home screen or through a search from the app switcher. While this folder may not have come pre-installed on all iPhones, it can easily be added if you are looking to organize and customize your device further.

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